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Micronesia Auto Repair Shop *MARS*

Micronesia Auto Repair Shop *MARS*. Business plan By Essex Eis , Mervyn Edwin, Matt Ludwig. Executive Summary.

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Micronesia Auto Repair Shop *MARS*

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  1. Micronesia Auto Repair Shop*MARS* Business plan By Essex Eis , Mervyn Edwin, Matt Ludwig

  2. Executive Summary Micronesian Auto Repair Shop (MARS) is a company that repairs and customizes cars. Body work and rust repair is the majority of our work. The company is dedicated to providing the highest quality workmanship. Micronesian Auto Repair Shop (MARS) keeps up on all the latest tools and techniques of the trade to perform the highest quality work possible today. Micronesian Auto Repair Shop (MARS) is located in Kolonia, Pohnpei. Our company and employees are dedicated to doing each job right the first time, and retaining each car owner as a lifetime customer of our shop. We will try to expand our company throughout the four states of the Federated States of Micronesia.

  3. Mission Micronesian Auto Repair Shop aims to offer tremendous auto repair services and customize services a full assortment of auto parts. Micronesia Auto Repair Shop focuses on custom-made service to its customers by offering convenience and rapid service. Additionally, Micronesia Auto Repair Shop is mechanically know-how with computerized monitoring of all parts inventory, to make sure that parts are always in stock, while keeping a balanced level of inventory to make the most of on inventory turnover. Finally, Micronesia Auto Repair Shop has strong vendor relationships with the most service that are able to help our company.

  4. OBJECTIVE • Offer incredible auto repair service • Focus on customer- made product • Make sure that the part are always in stock • Has a strong vendor relationship that enables the company to service. • Practical and convenient service • Growing and maintaining a transfer network to other local company. • Invest effectively with people • Provide service that will satisfy customer need and want.

  5. Company summary It is a start up business own by three partner each of the three have responsibility in each of the section. Matt Ludwig is responsible for the financing and Mervyn Edwin is responsible for the management section and Essex Eis is responsible for the administration section. With the growing of population and the demand of people to have a safe and convenient car we ought to help people with want satisfaction.

  6. Company ownership and History • Micronesia Auto Repair Shop is a start-up company service in Kolonia Pohnpei. It is own by Matt Ludwig, Essex Eis, and Mervyn Edwin. • Micronesia Auto Repair Shop is a new establishes company. It has a strong business experience and a clear vision of how MARS will position in the local market.

  7. Service Business Analysis There are subdivisions of the MARS services, and as we can see some of our competitor are offering only part inventory, but the MARS will offer both repair and customize service at same location to satisfy the need of consumer and have the consumer meet their need and want. Market Segmentation Micronesia Auto Repair Shop is based the service on the middle and the upper market. MARS is looking for high quality and service to make a convenience service and satisfy the customer. Most people will pay the price of the service in order to avoid the inconvenience of having the vehicle stock in the repair shop.

  8. Target Market Segment Strategy • Micronesian Auto Repair Shop will be targeting on the people with vehicles and it will offering convenience, working with customer nicely, and working with kind of company with the service. Start-up Summary • An amount of $750,000.000 was awarded to three co-owners of a new start up business in Micronesia. The plan is to start an auto shop business called the “Micronesia Auto Repair Shop.” The remainder of the required financing will get it by a five year loan in the amount of $100,000 from the small business guarantee (SBG). However the company will only expense the amount of $550,000 for one year.

  9. Start –up breakdown Start-up Expenses: • Infrastructure/Building$150,000 • Auto equipments/supplies/tools$350,000 • Others$100,000 • TOTAL:$550,000 • Infrastructure/Building: Main Building/Garage /Offices / Shop $75,000 • Ware House $25,000 • Land $50,000 • TOTAL:$150,000

  10. continuation Auto Equipments/Supplies/Tools  • Design Equipments $ 150,000 • Customizing Supplies $ 100,000 • Mechanical Tools $ 75,000 • Other Requirements $ 25,000 TOTAL: $350,000 Others:  • Power Facilities $ 40,000 • Paycheck Salary $ 60,000 Total $ 100,00

  11. Product and service description • Product: Micronesia Auto Repair Shop will promise to provide the best type of car customize style, design, and product to any customers. Employees are well trained for customer service. The Shop holds the best product and new release on island. • Service: The Micronesia Auto Repair Shop is to serve any customers with the best of their individual abilities/skills. With integrity and dedications, the Micronesia Auto Repair Shop will serve 24/7. The Shop will serve any one with quality of equality. • Different kind of services will be offered in the shop. Music, Entertaining Videos, and advertising banners will be considered as an important part of our services to others. Employees will be ready to greet customers, answer any questions for them, always at the telephone to respond to customers need, and be aware of at all times. Our employees will work on any request made by customers.

  12. Strategy and implementation Micronesian Auto Repair Shop will be successful by offering high quality of service and provide good service to the costumer. On the other it will be successful by offering customize and auto part services.

  13. View / style The Shop will be build out of cement and glass. The cement/bricks are made for strengthening the building and the glass is for advertisement to the others. For example, people will walk beside the shop and they will see the customize designs through the glass and they will be attracted to it.

  14. Signage The sign will be place in the front view of the shop and it will be written “THE MICRONESIA AUTO REPAIR SHOP.” With our signage of a Car.

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