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Geospatial Grants

Geospatial Grants. Barbara L. MacLennan 304-685-2892 Ask yourself: What do I need?. Projects, testing, prestige, people, training…. How to start?. Ask for what you need Ask within your organization and work outwards Keep your ears to the ground

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Geospatial Grants

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  1. Geospatial Grants Barbara L. MacLennan 304-685-2892

  2. Ask yourself: What do I need? Projects, testing, prestige, people, training…

  3. How to start? • Ask for what you need Ask within your organization and work outwards • Keep your ears to the ground Look for opportunities – not for grants • Think outside the box Break what you need into components or Make it a component of a bigger project

  4. Where to start? • Depends on the type of organization • How were similar projects funded? • Is there a grant person you can contact? • Are there potential partner groups? Now: Search for grants through other resources

  5. How to search Think in topic areas not just geospatial Federal, state, local Corporate General Training Corporate Training Tax Map Training Historic Volunteers Local stakeholders Tax map project Case Study Partnership Education Conferences & organizations

  6. When to start? • Start Early Prepare the framework or general concept • Later is better than never If you can do a decent job • Never throw anything out Build upon previous ideas and work

  7. Who gets grants? People who… • Carefully follow directions • Are persistent • Think big but are realistic • Contact the Point of Contact (POC) • Toot their own horn/use specific examples • Have a good accountant or finance person • Proofread • Ask for feedback

  8. Grant Writing Made Simple • Follow the guidelines and headings EXACTLY • Use white space, graphs, charts, and pictures • Be clear and use examples • Repeat key points • Demonstrate your expertise • Use positive language -- They Need you!

  9. Examples of Grant Resources Federal Grants WV Small Business Development Center Corporate Grants

  10. Small Cities Block Grant Program Found at: WV Development Office Eligible: Local Government Title: Small Cities Block Grant Program Type: Federal

  11. Conservation for Caves ESRI GRANTS Conservation for Caves and Karsts Program

  12. EPA Mid-Atlantic Pesticides Grant EPA Mid-Atlantic Pesticides Grant “ support efforts by the agricultural community to “transition” away from high risk pesticides to the use of less and reduced risk pesticides, alternative methods of pest control and sustainable practices in food production”

  13. Small Business Innovation Research

  14. Questions? • Barbara L. MacLennan • 304-685-2892 •

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