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PRIDE. Shuksan P. R.I.D.E. “ We care about safety and learning.”. Peace. How do you show peace ? Be nice Walk calmly through the halls Say “hi” Focus on learning in the classroom Be safe Smile. Shuksan P. R .I.D.E. “We treat others as we would like to be treated.”. Respect.

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  1. PRIDE

  2. Shuksan P.R.I.D.E “We care about safety and learning.” Peace • How do you show peace? • Be nice • Walk calmly through the halls • Say “hi” • Focus on learning in the classroom • Be safe • Smile

  3. Shuksan P.R.I.D.E “We treat others as we would like to be treated.” Respect • How do you show respect? • Be nice • Say “please” &“thank you” • Be on time • Help others • Try your best

  4. Shuksan P.R.I.D.E “We are honest because it is the right thing to do.” Integrity • How do you show integrity? • Work hard every day • Tell the truth • Don’t spread rumors • If you say you will do something, do it • Be on time

  5. Shuksan P.R.I.D.E “We work hard by doing what is expected.” Determination • How do you show determination? • Work hard every day • Don’t give up • Ask for help • Do your homework • Revise or redo your work if you don’t meet standard

  6. Shuksan P.R.I.D.E “We go above and beyond in all we do.” Excellence • How do you show excellence? • Work hard every day • Meet or exceed standard • Ask questions • Participate in class & sports • Do your homework • Read, read, read

  7. PRIDE… is what we work toward every day!

  8. We honor students at Shuksan: Quarterly Daily Monthly Shuksan Scholars Assembly Paw Prints Cougar P.R.I.D.E Award

  9. Show PRIDE, earn a PAW PRINT! Turn in your homework! Help someone out! Say “please” and “thank you” Ask a question! Hold the door open! Pick up trash you see in the hallway! Don’t give up! Be honest! Sit next to someone new at lunch! Give someone a compliment! Smile and say “hi!” Thank you for showing PRIDE!

  10. “What do I do with it?” Meet Ms. Anderson Bring your Paw Print to the lunch room Find Ms. Anderson She will hole punch your Paw Print, give you a Paw Print pencil and take your picture for the Paw Print Wall

  11. Paw Print Drawings! • If you earn a Paw Print, write your name in the Paw Print Book at lunch! • You are now entered into the weekly and monthly drawing! • Drawings are every Friday and the last Friday of every month. Remember: Bring your Paw Prints to lunch, not the office! Then you can take them home.

  12. Cougar P.R.I.D.E Award • Chosen by teachers/ staff once a month • Earn the award for showing academic excellence or outstanding effort • Attend a breakfast ceremony with your family & teachers • Earn a Cougar PRIDE certificate

  13. Become a Shuksan Scholar!(Supported by our PTSA!) At Shuksan,, we honor you for all the things you do right! This includes: Academic Excellence Attendance Citizenship (showing PRIDE!)

  14. Shuksan Scholar Awards Assembly Attendance: • You are at school 95% of the days each month (miss only 1 day). Citizenship: • Each teacher team will vote for one male and one female student that will earn PRIDE Awards for Peace, Respect, Integrity, Determination and Excellence. Academic Excellence: • You reach standard in your classes Academic Improvement: • Showing hard work to get better in your classes Cougar Commendation: • Chosen by Leadership Club and ASB based on quarterly themes

  15. Types of Awards • Certificates • T-Shirts • Wrist bands • Plaques • Ice Cream Socials • We will have our Shuksan Scholar awards 4 times a year: • November, January, March, and June. • We will hold award assemblies for each grade level.

  16. Welcome to Shuksan! Be Nice Work Hard Show PRIDE

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