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  1. Effects/Outcome

  2. Increased Environment Awareness and Waste Minimization in the trekking trails

  3. Better facilities for trekkers and hikers

  4. Increased networking/coordination among Tourism stakeholders in Nepal

  5. Trained human resources in the community for Tourism management

  6. Community Infrastructure development has Increased in employment opportunities at the local level

  7. Skill enhanced in micro enterprise development at local level

  8. Model Destination Development Kathmandu Valley Cultural Trekking Trail is a new product being developed by NETIF where people are ready to welcome you all.

  9. Gap Identified The question of self sustaining of project achievements !! UNSOLVED Questions !!!!! • Can local communities repair trail , shelters ,incinerators themselves after the phase-out of the project ? • Do they have enough resources and technical skills to manage tourism and environment themselves? • Are local people educated on tourism management and are they receiving benefits form it? • Are the tourism entrepreneurs of the trail educated on responsible tourism ? • Is there good relationship between tourism entrepreneurs and local communities? • Do the local communities have capacity to formulate a local level tourism master plan ?

  10. Recommendation from Independent Evaluations Enable Local Communities to plan and manage tourism themselves in such a way that they would be able to repair tourist shelters, public toilets and incinerators, rings themselves after the phase out of NETDOP. Educate and encourage tourism entrepreneurs (hoteliers, teashops, tour operators etc) on responsible tourism and fair trade. Educate local communities on conservation of cultural and natural heritage environment management and deriving benefits from the tourism industry.

  11. Cont…… 4.Enhance advocacy for the policy enforcement on responsible tourism ,sharing revenues, eco certification of hotels and lodge. 5.Increase networking and coordination for the protection of environment, wildlife, climate change adaptation, waste management ,route marking, promotional activities etc. in extensive manner. 6. Construct community lodges and home stays in selected settlements lying in remote areas beyond the trails to trickle down benefits from tourism to the pro poor people and fulfill the wishes of the tourists. 7.Enhance further linkages of Tourism with agriculture, natural resource management.

  12. Thank you for your attention