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South America Animals PowerPoint Presentation
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South America Animals

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South America Animals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By: Hannah Weis. South America Animals. Piranha. They live in freshwater and found in most rivers in South America Piranhas are known for their sharp teeth. The teeth can bite through a steel fishing hook.

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South America Animals

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    1. By: Hannah Weis South America Animals

    2. Piranha • They live in freshwater and found in most rivers in South America • Piranhas are known for their sharp teeth. The teeth can bite through a steel fishing hook. • When they are an adult they will eat fish, sick or weakened cattle, and sometimes even human parts. • Piranhas have many myths about them. One myth is that they can turn horses and humans into skeletons within seconds. Which is not true.

    3. Giant Tortoise • They are only found in the Galapagos Islands which is in Ecuador. • Giant Tortoises can weigh up to 660 pounds. • They are very slow and only move 0.16 miles per hour. • Giant Tortoises can be either domed or saddle backed depending on the how much vegetation there is where they live.

    4. Anaconda • One of the world’s biggest snakes. • They are found in tropical South America. • Anacondas can be up to 215 pounds and 17 feet long. • They have teeth. They don’t use their teeth to kill prey, they rely on their size. • They are not a venomous snake so if an Anaconda would bite you, It wouldn’t kill you.

    5. Black Widow Spider • They are found in warmer areas. • A Black Widow Spider’s web is very strong. • The male spider is smaller than the female spider but have longer legs. • The female spider will sometimes kill the male spider after mating. • The female Black Widow Spider is the most poisonous spider in North America.

    6. Jaguar • 3rd largest cat in the world. • Is a near threatened species. Humans kill them and trade their parts to people all over the world. • Lives in the dense rainforest. • Jaguars have an exceptionally powerful bite. They eat deer, birds, fish, monkeys, and spiders. • Life span is 12-15 years. • Can weigh 124-211 pounds.

    7. Blue-and-Yellow Macaw • Lives in forest and woodland in tropical South America. • They are an endangered species in Trinidad. • Blue-and-Yellow Macaws only weigh 2-3 pounds. • Wing span is 41 to 45 inches. • Eat palm fruit and other tree fruit. • Have powerful beaks. • In captivity they can live for 109 years old. • Are popular as pets.

    8. Blue Morpho Butterfly • One of the biggest butterflies. Their wing span is 5-8 inches. • The caterpillars are a reddish brown color. • They are almost on the endangered species list. Their habitat is being destroyed. • Blue Morpho Butterflies eat juice from rotten fruits or tree sap. • There are around 80 different species of the Morpho butterfly.