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Let’s Look at New KET Online Resources !

Let’s Look at New KET Online Resources !. v. Effective Use Of Video Learning Objects in Your Classroom. Integrating Instructional Video (ITV) into Your Lesson Plans. Boy Watching Sharks in Aquarium .  Corbis, 2011. Image. 15 February 2011. <http://www.discoveryeducation.com/>.

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Let’s Look at New KET Online Resources !

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  1. Let’s Look at New KET Online Resources ! v

  2. Effective Use Of Video Learning Objects in Your Classroom Integrating Instructional Video (ITV) into Your Lesson Plans Boy Watching Sharks in Aquarium.  Corbis, 2011. Image.15 February 2011. <http://www.discoveryeducation.com/>.

  3. Define objective Determine media needs based on objective Locate, PREVIEW, and download media Design lesson plan Introduce objective to students Frame: Preview activity to introduce media Focus: Instruction using media Follow-up: Post-viewing activity for extension Follow-up and Evaluation The Process

  4. Frame Ensure students know what you expect them to learn from the media and for what they are responsible: Prepare them to learn by using an activity to connect to prior knowledge Introduce a graphic organizer to help them record and analyze information they see in the media

  5. Focus • Do not turn off all the lights if possible. • Watch with your students. (model the desired behavior) • Use the power of your media player to use the media interactively and point out important content • Use “Thumbs up” technique, graphic organizers, etc. for interactive experience

  6. Follow-up FlickrCreativeCommons by chrisschuepp Follow-up the media experience Summarize the content Generate discussion Make students accountable for the media content Extend the learning and involve other modalities through kinesthetic and immersion activities

  7. Let’s Explore! WWW.KET.ORG/EDUCATION

  8. This service will become PBS Learning Media this winter v v v

  9. This service will become PBS Learning Media in Fall of 2012 An extensive library of free, searchable classroom and professional development resources created by KET, WGBH-Boston, and other PBS and national producers. Free for all, but requires registration Contains thousands of video clips from PBS affiliates Contains many KET produced video clips and interactives Hundreds of great interactives in science and other fields

  10. Professional Development

  11. KET Teachers’ Domain Science Resources

  12. Social Studies History

  13. Social Studies Cultural Collections

  14. www.ket.pbslearningmedia.org

  15. Features: Search SEARCHby topic, program or key word

  16. Features: Search SEARCH by subject area

  17. Features: Filters SEARCH FILTERS: Targeted drill-down by grade level, subject, media type, language, and accessibility

  18. Features: Favorites Click to Save: Click “Favorite” Quick View: Description, grade level, media type

  19. Features: Favorites View most recent Unique ability to utilize core filters – grade, subject, media, type, etc., to organize and/or create custom tags Annotate resources with notes

  20. Resource Page Easy to View: Stream, full-screen, CC, Share Curriculum Alignment: View where resource fits in curriculum Related Content: View related resources. Allows mix/match video with interactives to demonstrate concept Ancillary Resources: Support materials for teachers

  21. Resource Page

  22. Lesson Plan

  23. Dive into Content Now it’s time for you to explore!

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