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  1. ATHLETIC THERAPY Proudly offered at the Meadowlands Therapy Clinic (Located here within the Meadowlands Family Health Center) Tim Lee, CAT(C) , Dip. Sports Injury Management Nationally Certified Athletic Therapist

  2. What is Athletic Therapy? • A branch of Physical Therapy specializing in the assessment and rehabilitation of both sports-related and non-sports related musculoskeletal injuries.

  3. Who can benefit? • Quite simply, EVERYONE! • Clients include: children, teens, adults and seniors. • Amateur to Professional athletes. • Contractors, doctors, lawyers, government employees, students, and many more.

  4. Do I have to have a Sports Injury to be seen? • NO, not at all. Many of the same injuries occur even when not participating in sports. • Everyday life activities often are the cause of a variety of soft tissue injuries.

  5. What types of injuries can be treated? • Acute muscle strains and ligament sprains • Chronic muscle tightness and pain • Joint restrictions • Active muscle trigger points • Scar tissue (acute and chronic) • Muscle strength imbalances • Postural imbalances

  6. Post-operative rehabilitation (ACL, meniscus, hip/knee/shoulder replacements, etc.) • Concussion evaluation/management and education

  7. What type of treatment methods are used? • Therapeutic ultrasound • Soft Tissue Release Techniques • Muscle Energy Techniques • Craniosacral Techniques • Trigger Point Release Techniques • Activity / Work / Sport specific rehab programs

  8. Do I require a referral from my doctor to be seen? • NO, a physician referral is not required. • Many clients are referred via word of mouth from family, friends, work colleagues and teammates!

  9. Will these services be covered by ohip / insurance? • OHIP does not cover the services of an Athletic Therapist. • Some employee extended healthcare benefits / insurance plans do cover Athletic Therapy but we recommend you check your plan just to be sure!

  10. What are the Athletic Therapist’s qualifications? • Board Certified by the Canadian Athletic Therapist’s Association (since 1999). • Graduate of the Sports Injury Management program at Sheridan College. • A certified member in “good standing” with both the Canadian Athletic Therapist Association and Ontario Athletic Therapy Association.

  11. Will I have to wait a long time for an appointment? • No, not at all! • Usually you will be able to get an appointment the same day or next day.

  12. Additional Services Offered • Advice on sports equipment selection and proper fit • Supportive taping • Bracing recommendations

  13. What are the advantages of seeing an Athletic Therapist here at the Meadowlands Therapy Clinic? • Accurate, in-depth assessment and a clear, easily understandable explanation of the injury. • Direct follow up with client’s physician. • Use of modern and cutting edge manual therapy techniques which are proven to speed up healing, promoting a faster recovery and return to a pain free active lifestyle. • Professional rehabilitation programs designed for a faster recovery from the injury and to help prevent future injuries.

  14. Be the best you can be! • Let the skilled hand of our Certified Athletic Therapist, TIM LEE, help get you back on track quickly and effectively so you can get back to the things you enjoy and the healthy, pain free life you want and deserve! • If you are interested in booking an appointment, please speak to someone at our Front Desk or feel free to call us at 613-288-1459. • For more information on Athletic Therapy, please check out our website at: • For more information on the Meadowlands Therapy Clinic, please check our website at: