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International Opinions

International Opinions

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International Opinions

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  1. International Opinions of AMERICA

  2. Many countries have different opinions of America. Many have positive opinions of America. Some have very low opinions. Many of these negative views are as simple as Islamic culture and religion. The lowest opinions, Turkey and Pakistan, have more complicated reasons.

  3. Most favorable opinions of America Japan, the country with the best opinion of America, has a favorability rating of 85%. Kenya comes in second with 83%. Then comes France with 75% and Lithuania with 73%.

  4. Least favorable opinions of America. The country with the least favorable opinion of America is Turkey at 10%. Then comes Pakistan at 12%, Jordan at 13%, Palestinian Territories at 18%, and Egypt at 20%.

  5. Pakistan Pakistan (the country with the second lowest opinion of America at 12% of the population having a favorable opinion of America) has a very bad opinion of America. The Pew Global research center conducted a survey in Pakistan after the raid in Abbottabad that killed Osama bin Laden. Two thirds of those surveyed dissaproved of the raid. Only 10% approved. Further, 55% think it is bad Osama was killed and only 37% support the Pakistani army fighting extremist groups. 75% of the population has an unfavorable opinion of America. Even worse, most of Pakistan views America as more of a military threat than an ally. Much of Pakistan feels America ignores them when making decisions and has bad foreign policy. Some examples of this are the the bin Laden raid and drone strikes in Pakistan’s borders which are seen widely as unnecesary and too dangerous.

  6. Turkey In 2007, 83% of Turks had a negative opinion of America. In 2011, only 10% had a favorable opinion of America. Turkey dislikes America because we portray them as a model of moderate Islam for the rest of the middle east. This angers the Kemalist party in turkey because they have tried to establish turkey as a secular state and they are athiest. It angers the Islamic party because they aren’t moderate, they’re radical. Calling turkey a moderate Islamic nation angers both sides. 59% of Turkey views America as a military threat.

  7. Why does it matter? The countries that have high opinions of us are immensely important. These relationships between countries dictate who are allies are, who would side with us, and and who we do business with.

  8. Sources www.Pewglobal .org

  9. By Bailey Bruketta 2/11/12