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Exploring My Opinions

Exploring My Opinions

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Exploring My Opinions

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  1. Exploring My Opinions 7 SB Activity 2.14

  2. Quickwrite – Warmup (February 1, 2012) Should schools require students to wear uniforms? Explain (don’t just say yes or no, tell me why). Get fired up! 

  3. Pre-reading group discussion Working with a group of 3, develop a position regarding if schools should require students to wear uniforms. You will complete this on a piece of chart paper. Let’s take a look at one example together. Schools should require students to wear uniforms Uniforms would help eliminate bullying. Students would not pick on others based on what they are wearing.

  4. “Ironing Out Policies on School Uniforms” Remember: As you read, you want to keep in mind the author’s position. Why are they writing and what do they want they want the audience to do? As a group, we will read “Ironing Out Policies on School Uniforms.” • Circle arguments for school uniforms • Underline arguments against school uniforms. • Put a question mark next to a line you have a question about. • Put a star next to a line (or paragraph) that you would like to comment about.

  5. Practice – Test your KNOWLEDGE! – Warmup (February 2, 2012) • If the author was adding an additional argument to her editorial “Hang It Up,” – using the appropriate tone, which of these arguments would MOST likely be added: • Cell phones can provide students with a way to communicate homework concerns outside of school. • Cell phones can create a feeling of worthlessness if a student does not the proper technology. • A teacher can become distracted by cell phone use. • Cell phones are the future of our society and are necessary in the classroom.

  6. And the Answer is…. • The correct for this question is B. • What could a possible reason for this? • What was your thought process going through this?

  7. Practice – Test Your Knowledge • How does the author of “City Schools Cut Parents’ lifeline (the cellphone)” convey his purpose in the text? • The author conveys his purpose to inform the reader by providing balanced information both in favor and against cell phone usage. • The author conveys his purpose to inform the reader by providing information against cell phone usage. • The author uses information about cell phone usage to convey his position in favor of cell phones. • The author uses information about cell phone usage to persuade readers against cell phone usage.

  8. And the Answer is…. • The correct for this question is A. • What could a possible reason for this? • What was your thought process going through this?

  9. “Ironing out policies on school uniforms” After you have read the article “Ironing Out Policies On School Uniforms,” with a partner, complete the graphic organizer.

  10. Writing Prompt Writing Prompt: Work collaboratively with your group to write a response to the article. Include the following in your response: • Your position statement (topic sentence) • Direct reference to the article and a point that you agree or disagree with (evidence with correct citation). • Support for your position (commentary – why you think the way you do…your opinion).

  11. Writing Prompt Example Students in the public school system should be required to wear uniforms. Within the article, “Ironing out Policies on School Uniforms,” President Clinton stated, “uniforms make schools more orderly.” As a middle school student, I see first hand how students are treated based on the clothing they wear. Many students get made fun of if they aren’t wearing the “it” brand, and I’ve seen the negative affects trends have on students. According to Rubright, lawyer for the Anderson school district, “the board expects uniforms to improve academic performance by eliminating distracting clothing and creating an orderly atmosphere.” In an attempt to make schools safe and orderly school uniforms should be required.

  12. What do you think? Should students be required to wear school uniforms? Respond on a separate sheet of paper. Name Activity 2.14 Date

  13. Grammar and Usage - Colon Use a colon to formally introduce the material that follows, such as a list or an explanatory statement that completes the sentence. Notice the colon after the word pending. The bulleted list that follows describes the pending lawsuits. Do not use a colon between a preposition or a verb and the rest of the sentence.

  14. Grammar and Usage - Colon A colon calls attention to the information that follows it. When writing a list, it is advisable to introduce it with a word or phrase such as these, the following, or as follows. It’s your turn! Where should the colon be placed? You may be required to bring many items, such as these sleeping bags, pans, and warm clothing. I want the following items butter, sugar, and flour. I want an assistant who can do the following (1) input data, (2) write reports, and (3) complete tax forms.