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Accra Ghana July, 2014

UnionPay International. Accra Ghana July, 2014. UnionPay International Business Overview Membership Process UnionPay Products. Index. 01. Business Overview. China UnionPay. Established in Shanghai on 26 March 2002 Issuance: 4 billion cards (No 1) in 33 countries

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Accra Ghana July, 2014

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  1. UnionPay International Accra Ghana July, 2014

  2. UnionPay International Business Overview Membership Process UnionPay Products Index

  3. 01 Business Overview

  4. China UnionPay • Established in Shanghai on 26 March 2002 • Issuance: 4 billion cards (No 1) in 33 countries • Acceptance: 142 countries • Transaction Volume (No 2)

  5. UnionPay International (UPI) • Established in Shanghai on 30 November 2012 • Focus on International business • A membership association • Principle, Scheme, Affiliate, Participant Members • TPSP certification • Member Council and future Regional Council

  6. UPI Global Partners

  7. UPI Africa 56 countries / markets 42 markets accepting UnionPay 54 thousandATMs 110 thousandPOSs

  8. Sino-Africa Corridor * Source China National Statistic Bureau

  9. Sino-Africa Trade

  10. UnionPay Card Issuance in Africa • First UnionPay card issued in 2013 • Type: Pre-Paid, Debit, Credit • Special Purpose: Travel Mate .China • Class: Classic, Gold, Business • Currency: Local Currency, CNY, Dual Currency

  11. 02 Membership Process

  12. UPI Membership

  13. UPI Membership Scheme

  14. UPI Member Incentive Scheme

  15. General Eligibilities & Member Types Application for membership in the Company may be made by any Payment Institution that in accordance with the requirement of UPI Bylawsof Membership

  16. UPI Membership Classification

  17. UPI Membership Application

  18. UPI Membership Application

  19. UPI Membership Approval Provisional Letter of Authorization (PLA) • Note: • If the applicant pass the preliminary review, they can apply for provisional letter of authorization to engage in UP Card business as UPI Provisional Member

  20. UPI Certification Process takes 3 months Set up Network Connectivity Complete Certification Testing PLA is issued Member Add Your Title Submitting Online Testing Request Form Modify or enhance its system and interface with UPI by Guild Design Inc. Submit Network Connectivity Request Form for approval. by Guild Design Inc. Reserve IIN/BIN Contact Operation & Implementation Team to reserve IIN/BIN by Guild Design Inc. UPI Provide assistance Schedule the testing & provide assistance by Guild Reserve IIN/ BIN BIN Release

  21. UPI Certification Process Card Preparation PLA is issued Other preparations Add Your Title Member Apply for formal IIN/BIN 1. Card Design Review 2. Sample Card Testing(CFCA) 3. Card Manufacturing Provide assistance Apply for CDRS Submit Contact Information Form, System Information Form & Settlement Information FormInc. Submit CDRS application forms Guild Design Inc. Submit IIN /BIN applicationform UPI Provide necessary assistance Guild Design Inc. • Grant a written approval • If IIN/BIN have been reserved, UPI will validate them accordingly Process the application forms & train member on CDRS

  22. UPI Certification Process

  23. UPI Membership Fees Membership Fees (once-off) • Testing Fee & BIN License Fee

  24. 03 UnionPay Products

  25. UnionPay Products Program Enhancements Diamond TXN ModePOS,ATM,CNP TXN MoneyExpress(Remittances) DualCurrency IntegratedCircuit(Chip) Delivery Technology Platinum QPassContactless Debit Credit Status Segments Gold Mobile(M-commerce) Prepaid Commercial Classic Virtual (e-commerce) Global24/7 Concierge UnionPay World Privilege ConciergeService Expense Management Comprehensive ProtectionInsurance Service Packages

  26. UnionPay Cards Card Front Issuer Brand/Logo (Required) Debit /Check Card wording subject to market practice or local regulatory requirement (Optional) UnionPay Hologram - option on card face or back in compliance with UnionPay regulation and approval (Required) Chip (if applicable) Embossed 16-digit UnionPay Card Number on valid cards begins with “62”, pre-printed first 4 digit BIN(Required) UnionPay Brand Logo - option of bilingual or English as well as the option of size adjustment in compliance with UnionPay regulation and approval (Required) Embossed Expiration Date and embossed Cardholder Name (Required) Card Back The Magnetic Stripe is encoded with the card’s identifying Information (Required) The Signature Panel must appear on the back of the card. It may vary in length. The words “Authorized Signature” must appear above, below or beside the signature panel (Required) CVN2 includes 3 digits and is printed on the upper right corner of the signature panel with one blank after the last four digits of the card number (Required) 8888 986

  27. UnionPay Cards Pay Later Pay Now Pay Before Pay Management Credit products Classic/Gold/Platinum/Diamond draw funds from a credit line, Dual-Currency,World Privileges, Airport Lounge, Golf Reservation, etc. Debit products, draw funds from a current banking account, enjoycards benefits that same level credit card have Commercial products Business, Purchasing, Corporate card draw funds from a corporate credit line, with business related benefits, allow enterprises have comprehensive expense management capability Prepaid products draw funds from a pre-funded card account that can be funded from a variety of sources

  28. UnionPay Cards • UnionPay Card Products • Debit Card / Credit Card / Prepaid Card • RMB card / Non-RMB card / Dual-currency Card • Individual Card / Corporate Card • Classic Card / Gold Card / Platinum Card / Diamond Card • Magnetic Stripe card / Chip Card (e.g. UICC Debit/Credit Card, UICC E-Cash Card) • Card Number Specifications • BIN (6 digits) + Issuer-defined digits (9 digits) + check digit (1 digit) • BIN Range: Over 7000 ISO Bins beginning with 62 • Length: 19 digits for debit card; 19 digits recommended for prepaid card; 16 digits for credit card in the format of xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx

  29. UnionPay Cards • Card Expiry Date • Less than 5 yrs. for Credit Card, unless otherwise stipulated by local regulations • Less than 5 yrs. for Registered Prepaid Card; less than 2 yrs. for Anonymous Prepaid Card • For Debit card, issuer may choose to set expiry date or not • For UICC Debit/Credit Card, expiration date of primary debit/credit application shall be the same as that encoded in the magnetic stripe • For UICC E-Cash Card, expiry date of Certificate Authority (CA) Public Key shall be longer than the card expiry date • Signature and PIN • PIN length of 6 digits for PIN-based card • Cardholder signature on signature panel for Magnetic stripe and hybrid cards • For UICC card, verification method including online and offline PIN shall be set up • For chip-only UICC card (i.e. without a magnetic stripe), cardholder signature is optional

  30. UnionPay Cards • Magnetic Track Data • Track 2 is primarily used for track data interchange in UnionPay magnetic-stripe card • For debit card, track 1 and 3 are optional to use by the issuer • For credit card, both track 1 and track 2 shall be used whereas track 3 is optional; issuer shall support track data interchange based on track 1 as well • Magnetic Track Data in Chip Card • Magnetic stripe is required for chip card • Information in track 2 of magnetic stripe shall be contained in the relevant data elements in the primary debit/credit UICC application. • For better risk control, the CVN of the magnetic stripe mapped in chip itself can be different from the CVN in the magnetic stripe

  31. UnionPay Online Payment (UPOP) 51.52 M Number of UPOP global users • The UnionPay Online Payment (UPOP) program was launched at the end of 2011. • UPOP is UnionPay’s global payment program for E-Commerce transactions. It enables UnionPay cards to be accepted over the Internet with real time transaction authorization. • The UPOP program can already be utilized by over 3 billion UnionPay cardholders and has been widely accepted as an essential element in the UnionPay card programs of Issuers. UPOP provides: Security Convenience GlobalAcceptance 199% 247 Bn Transaction volume between Jan and Sep in 2013 Annual transaction volume growth rate

  32. UPOP • As well as traditional Internet payments, UPOP also supports mobile payments through intelligent terminals such as smart phones and PADs. • Supports all major browsers safari/android/UC/QQ/360/opera • Support many major APPs • Supports all mainstream mobile OS

  33. Contactless - QuickPass Debit/Credit Account Payment E-Cash Account Payment • Tap & Go • No PIN, no Signature • Transaction with 1000 limitation(RMB, HKD, MOP) • Load funds in advance • Balance on chip • Dual currency E-Cash • Tap, Go & PIN (optional) • Online PIN/Signature (Optional) • Online Transaction

  34. QuickPass Cardholder Merchant • Cashless Service • Hygiene • Fast • Reduce possibility for mishandling • Consumer Loyalty • Enhanced Security • Security • Speed • Convenience • Value Added Services • Transaction History

  35. Mobile Payment Remote Payment (Card-Not-Present) Mobile Client Payment Plug-in Payment Service Through Mobile Client Added on Mobile Browser or Application Proximity Payment (Card-Present) NFC SIM/SD NFC Phone iPhone Accessory Financial SE integrated in iPhone Accessory Financial SE Integrated in Mobile Phone Financial SE Integrated in SIM/SD Card SMS/USSD SIM Card Based Cooperate with Mobile Network Operator

  36. Mobile Payment Process Flow 1 2 3 4 USD USD Place the Order Input Card Information Payment Completion Transaction Processing

  37. Mobile Payment Merchant Mobile User Acquirer UnionPay Gateway Issuer • Providing Processing and CDRS system • Clearing and Settlement • Plug-in Payment interface • Unified Online Payment Brand • Conduct transactions to pay for goods or service. • Processing Payment (Optional) • Registration for Merchant • Settlement for Merchant • Processing the order • Forward payment information • Place the Order • Collect payment Information

  38. Cross Border Payment - MoneyExpress • Three Transaction Steps • Remittance Verification Transaction (RVT) • Online Remittance Transaction (OMT) • Manual Remittance Transaction (MRT)

  39. For more information, contact:Jack ChenUnionPay International Africa7B-2, Sinosteel Plaza159 Rivonia Road, Sandton, JohannesburgTel: +27102861099e-Mail: chenjie@unionpayintl.comafrica@unionpayintl.com

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