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  2. Federal Work-Study Award How To Receive Federal Work-Study Community Service Off Campus Compensations Off Campus Supervisors Summer FWS Supervisor’s Responsibilities FWS Work Load FWS Jobs Job Certification Payroll Information Timesheets Contact Person FWS Confirmation Form TABLE OF CONTENTS

  3. Federal Work-Study(What is it?) FWS The Federal Work-Study Program provides jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. The program encourages community service work and work related to each student’s course of study.

  4. Community Service Services which are identified by an institution of higher education, through formal or informal consultation with local nonprofit, governmental, and community-based organizations, as designed to improve the quality of life for community residents, particularly low-income individuals, or to solve particular problems related to their needs.

  5. Community Service is not: • Working for political affiliations; • Involving any partisan or nonpartisan public or party office; • Lobbying on the federal, state or local level; • Benefiting organizations with membership limits;(credit unions, fraternal or religious order) • Working as a political aide for an elected official; • Working for an elected official, unless the official is responsible for regular administration of federal, state, or local government.

  6. OFF-CAMPUS COMPENSATION FOR FWS Community Service Agency: If the FWS student’s responsibility is tutoring in a literacy program, the Federal Work-Study Program will pay 100% of the student’s salary. Private/Public Non Profit Organization: If the FWS student partners with an eligible non-profit organization, the Federal Work-Study Program will pay 90% of the student’s salary and the non-profit organization is required to pay the remaining 10%. The Federal Work-Study Program will pay 100% of the student salary and will bill the organization for 10% of the total gross compensation earned for the academic year. FWS

  7. FWS AWARD The Federal Work-Study award is based on the student’s financial need: • Students must complete a FAFSA for financial need to be determined. • Students cannot exceed the award as determined by the Student Financial Assistance and Education Office. • Students may request additional funds, when they have reached the amount awarded, by contacting their financial aid counselor. • Students may not continue working under the FWS program if their request for additional work-study funds has been denied. FWS

  8. FWS AWARD The Federal Work-Study earnings: • Determined by the student’s financial need. • Rate of pay is determined by the Student Financial Assistance and Education Office. • Earnings are determined by the student’s hours worked . FWS

  9. HOW STUDENTS RECEIVE FEDERAL WORK-STUDY • Students must have a completed FAFSA on file for the current year. • Students have 30 days to accept an offered FWS award or the funds will be subject to cancellation. • Students must view the FWS presentation online. • Before students can begin working, • the Confirmation Form (verifies that they viewed the presentation) must be submitted to the Student Financial Assistance and Education Office. • Students must complete the Job Certification Form and a Payroll Packet before they begin to work. • If FWS does not appear on the award letter, students who are interested in work-study should contact the Student Financial Assistance and Education Office. FWS

  10. SUMMER FWS • Students do not have to be registered for summer classes to qualify; however, Fall enrollment is required.Funding is based on the student's need and availability of funds. • Opportunities for employment are available with both on campus and off campus employers.  To qualify the employer must be an approved Federal Work Study site.  Students are eligible to work up to 40 hours per week.  Pay rate is dependent upon job placement. • Students who accept work study during the summer and are not enrolled in classes will be required to contribute 40% of earnings as a resource for the academic year.  The 40% contribution will automatically be calculated in the financial aid award packages for the academic year. FWS

  11. OFF-CAMPUS FWS SUPERVISORS • Complete and return the Participation Agreement Contract which initiates your eligibility in the Federal Work-Study Program • Complete and return the Student Request Form. (Submitting a request does not guarantee a work-study student will be assigned.) • Student Request Forms must be submitted via fax, mail or in person to the Student Financial Assistance and Education Office (601 W. Lombard St., Suite 221). FWS

  12. SUPERVISOR’S RESPONSIBILITIES • Student are not permitted to work from home. • Must view the online FWS Orientation annually. (Please return the Confirmation Form that verifies you have viewed the orientation.) • Must complete a Student Request Form annually. • Establish an acceptable working schedule with the student. • Provide a thorough orientation and training for the student. • Explain the rules and regulations relevant to the office. • Check the accuracy of all hours on a student’s timesheet. • Approve student’s electronic timesheet FWS

  13. SUPERVISOR’S RESPONSIBILITIES • Off Campus supervisor’s must sign paper timesheets. • Off Campus Supervisors must submit the student’s timesheet(s) via mail or in person to the Student Financial Assistance and Education Office. • Timesheet cannot be faxed. (Students are not permitted to submit or deliver their own timesheets or any other students’ timesheets.) • Monitor the earnings of the student so that the maximum FWS award is not exceeded. • Verify that the student has reported to the Office of Student Financial Aid for Job Certification and Payroll Packets before the student begins to work. FWS

  14. Student Request Form The Student Request form provides authorization that a supervisor is eligible to participate in the Federal Work-Study Program. • The signed Student Request form identifies who will be the authorized supervisor(s). • No student will be paid for hours worked if an unauthorized supervisor signs their timesheet. • A new Student Request form must be completed annually (the beginning of each academic year) even: • if the supervisor has previously been in the Federal Work-Study Program. • if the student will continue employment with the same department. • Students may not begin work at a work site until the Student Request form is completed and returned to the Student Financial Assistance and Education Office (601 W. Lombard St., Suite 221). FWS

  15. FWS WORK LOAD • During periods of enrollment, FWS funds may not be used to pay students for more than 20 hours per week. • During the summer session, students can work up to 40 hours a week. • Under no circumstances may a student receive payment from the federal work-study funds in excess of 20 hours per week during the enrollment period or 40 hours per week during the summer. Supervisor’s organization will be responsible for paying students for excessive hours. • In addition, all monies earned in excess of each student's award amount will be charged to the organization or department. • Students are only permitted to work one FWS job and the hours worked can not exceed the maximum hours worked per week. FWS

  16. FWS JOBS • A variety of FWS positions are available and listed on the Federal Work-Study web page. • It is the responsibility of the student to arrange an interview with the prospective employer. • After finding a qualifying position, • the student must submit a completed Job Certification Form, • the student must complete the on-line FWS Student Orientation and submit the confirmation page, • a new FWS participant must complete a Payroll Packet. • Job Certification Forms, FWS Orientation and Payroll Packets are available on-line. FWS

  17. JOB CERTIFICATION The Job Certification form provides authorization that a student is eligible to work under the Federal Work-Study Program. • The signed Job Certification form initiates the proper payroll procedures. • No student will be paid for hours worked until this procedure is completed. • A new Job Certification form must be completed annually (the begin of each academic year) even if the student • has previously been in the Federal Work-Study Program. • will continue employment with the same department. FWS

  18. PAYROLL PACKET Students must submit a complete Job Certification Form and Payroll Packet. Missing or incomplete documents will hinder the student from being paid. Students will not receive their first pay check until 4 to 6 weeks after their correct payroll documents have been received. Also included should be: • State issued driver’s license • UMB student ID • Original social security card • Alien Registration Card (green card) or passport for eligible non-citizens We encourage all Federal Work-Study Students to apply for Direct Deposit; this will ensure that funds are received in a timely manner. FWS

  19. PAYROLL DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED:(processing time for payroll documents 4 to 6 weeks) • W-4 Form (use black ink, no scratch-outs, no white-out) • Direct Deposit Form • Information Sheet • I-9 (Only fill out section 1) • 3 Forms of Identification (Driver's License, School ID, Social Security Card) • Substance Abuse Policy • Right to Know Campus Security Act • Conflict of Interest Issues • Department of Defense Requirements • Agreement on Security of Files • Employee Health and Safety Questionnaire • HIPAA Form • Supplementary Form • Contingent I Form • Sexual Harassment Form FWS

  20. PAYROLL DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED:(processing time for payroll documents 4 to 6 weeks) • Non-Residents of the U.S.A. must complete two additional forms: the W-9 and Citizenship Status Form. • Must provide Green Card or Passport. • There must be appropriate VISA and/or NRA documentation on file at all times. The citizenship form describes appropriate documentation. Please contact the Payroll Office for issues related to VISA and NRA questions at extension 6-8580. FWS

  21. FWS PAYROLL The rates of pay range from $10.00 - $17.00 per hour depending upon job classification. • Student/Office Administrative • Student/Technical • Student/Research (Lab) • Student/Research (Publications) • Student/Tutors Aides • Student /Program Administration Students are paid bi-weekly. Payroll checks may be picked up in the Student Financial Assistance and Education Office (601 W. Lombard St., 221) beginning at 11am. Students must present their I.D. and sign the check list. FWS

  22. FWS PAYROLL • The CPB will no longer print the direct deposit pay advices (DDPA) for distribution to employees.  • Therefore, it is essential for all Direct Deposit employees currently receiving their printed copy of the direct deposit pay advice to sign up for electronic delivery via the Payroll Online Service Center (POSC) from the CPB website at FWS

  23. FWS Electronic TimesheetsOn Campus Site • The Federal Work-Study Timesheets are now electronic. • FWS Students will only enter the total hours worked in a day. (Not in and out times) • FWS Supervisors and their alternate supervisors; are required to approve their student employees’ time electronically in the new system.  • FWS Electronic Timesheets are due when regular employee timesheets are due. FWS

  24. FWS Electronic TimesheetsOff Campus Site • The Federal Work-Study Timesheets are going electronic, however the process will be slightly different for FWS students at off-campus sites. •  Supervisors at off-campus sites will not have access to the new system and therefore, one additional step is needed. • FWS students at off-campus sites will still submit their timesheets electronically, but they must print a copy of the completed electronic timesheet and then have their off-campus supervisor sign it and submit the paper copy to verify the hours. • The paper copy can be faxed but the original will still need to be mailed or hand delivered to our office. FWS

  25. Electronic Timesheet Quick Tips for Supervisor(to approve timesheets) Log In to My UM Portal Under the Enterprise Menu (click) eUM HRMS Under Home (click) self service (click) manager (click) tasks (click) UMB approve timesheet (click) fetch (click) save FWS

  26. FWS TIMESHEETS • Only the supervisor or alternate listed on the Job Certification Form may approve timesheets. • Off Campus supervisor and student signatures are required in order to process the timesheet. • Once supervisors have reviewed and signed students’ timesheet, the students should not receive them back unless a correction is necessary. (Supervisors must verify all corrections.) • Timesheets are submitted by mail or delivered by authorized supervisor or alternate. • Faxed timesheets are not acceptable. • Late timesheets will not be processed until the next pay period. No Exceptions! • Incorrect/Incomplete timesheets will not be processed until correct timesheets are received. • Students’ timesheets should indicate their total number of hours worked. Beginning and ending times should not be included on timesheets. FWS

  27. FWS FORMS All of the Federal Work-Study Forms that have been placed on our website are now interactive. You can type your information while on your computer then save, print and submit. FWS

  28. 2012-2013 FWS Confirmation Form ___________________________________________________________________ Print Name of the Organization which reviews the Federal Work-Study Presentation ___________________________________ Print Supervisor’s Name The federal government requires that all Federal Work-Study participants review the Federal Work-Study Policies and Procedures before actively participating in the Federal Work-Study Program. I acknowledge that I have read all the information contained in the Federal Work-Study Program Policies and Procedures and understand the meaning and intent. I also certify that personal information is accurate and that I am the individual listed above. ____________________________ ___________ Supervisor’s Signature Date FWS

  29. CONTACT PERSONS Yvette Gregory Federal Work-Study Coordinator Patricia Scott Assistance Vice President Donald Smith, Director Student Financial Assistance and Education 601 W. Lombard St., Suite 221 Baltimore Maryland, 21201 (410) 706-7347 Fax # (410) 706-0824 FWS