new milton h ealth c entre ppg group meeting n.
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New Milton H ealth C entre PPG Group meeting Monday 22 nd May 2017 PowerPoint Presentation
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New Milton H ealth C entre PPG Group meeting Monday 22 nd May 2017

New Milton H ealth C entre PPG Group meeting Monday 22 nd May 2017

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New Milton H ealth C entre PPG Group meeting Monday 22 nd May 2017

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  1. New Milton Health Centre PPG Group meeting Monday 22nd May 2017

  2. PPG Demographics • 126 members • Aged 23-94 • 72 females,54 males • Engagement over the last year-12 left the practice+5new members

  3. Promoting the PPG • We continue to hand out PPG sign ups with new patient forms. • Patients can complete forms in Reception or online. • Information about the PPG is on our website, Facebook and in our waiting room folder. • Early 2016 we sent 5221 PPG invites to patients (3078 texts and 2143 emails). Did not repeat due to poor response rates.

  4. CQC INSPECTION In January 2017 we were inspected by the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator of all Health and Social Care Services in England. They rated our services as

  5. Practice statistics 2016-17 • Total Appointments - 53,696 • GP -32,108 • Nurse/HCA -18,498 • Home Visits - 3,090 • ECG - 199 • The Practice - 1,377 • Total DNAs - 2,080 (3.9%)

  6. Practice changes 2016-17 • Dr.Dominique O'Carroll-Bailey joined as a partner. • Dr Sarah Prendergast joined us as a salaried GP • Sandy our Diabetic and Urgent Care Nurse retired in March after 15 years caring for our patients • Kate our respiratory nurse left and two new nurses joined Lynsey Smith and Laura Liddiard. • Jenny our phlebotomist left and Stella started • In May 2016 we started our Community Café, as part of our Dementia friendly work . It has been running for a year. We often get local Alzheimer's Society representative, people from carers associations and community police present.

  7. FFT-patient feedback 2016-17 • 1077 responses –less participation • 82.6% would recommend us • 9% would not recommend us • 8.3% Not answered or neutral • 874 patients comments all responses have been displayed in main entrance and on website. • Repetitive –only 3 new actions (16 in 2015) • How completed: Online -817. Paper -153 App-107

  8. Patient Education • Through out the year we have worked hard to give patients information via: • Quarterly Newsletters • Face book posts • Website • Posters • Displays in the main entrance. • We took part in national health promotion weeks, health campaigns and local health initiatives.

  9. Self Care week -Nov 16 • Educating patients where to seek help from NHS services and when to treat common winter ailments at home. • Using the Pharmacy. • Overuse of antibiotics. • Staying active • Eating well

  10. National Immunisation week April 17 • ‘Vaccines for life’-check you have had the vaccines needed at every age. • Importance of child and teen immunisations. • To help stop infectious diseases spreading, at least 90% of the local population need to be properly vaccinated.

  11. Dementia awareness week may • Encourage people to see GP if worried about memory. • Dementia support • Carer support. • Growing carers register. • 3rd year

  12. Health campaigns & Information April –’One You’ (How are you quiz) May -When will I feel better, Online services Aug -Connect to support Hampshire, Forgotten something Sept -Flu Vaccinations, Elderly Drivers Awareness Week Oct -GET WALKING HAMPSHIRE, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Stoptober Dec-Sepsis Jan -Smear for smears Feb-Strokeinformation

  13. Technology for us and the patients - Mobile and emails • We would like to send more correspondence via email and/or text message • We continue to encourage patients to update contact details via PPG Newsletter ‘Keeping us informed’/ Posters/Newsletters. • Patients can provide us with contact details via: website/online services/change of address forms/ Reception/ new Registrations • We now have -Mobiles: 5683 (688 more) - Emails: 2074 (183 more) • This is great-but we still need more!

  14. Technology for us and the patients - Website • Our website is up dated at least weekly and full of information from the practice. • 118,568people visited it in the last year • On average 10,000 per month • To see our posts.

  15. Technology for us and the patients- SYSTMONLINE UPDATE • Patients can now view a variety of test results and access ‘read coded’ medical record following NHS guidelines. • To be able to use these extra functions you will need to apply at the practice. Please ask at reception for a form if you wish to have the extra access.

  16. Technology for us and the patients – E-consult • We have been using E-consult since the beginning of Jan 2016. • You can use E-consult to contact our doctors. You will get a response within 2 working days. • You can request admin help e.g. Blood test forms, sick notes and referral letters. • 149 Patients have had an E-consult appointment. On average 3 per week.

  17. A Bit More! • Flu vaccination uptake Many areas higher, pharmacies took some patients, we still struggle to get patients to engage. Can you help? • Non-Emergency Hospital VisitsPatient Transport. Patient Transport is only available for those with a genuine medical need. This need is set by the NHS not the Practice. If a patient is able to travel in a car, taxi or public transport they need to make their own way to hospital. If patients are worried about the cost of transport they may be able to reclaim costs by completing a HC5 – Claim Form. Can you help? • New opening times of The Practice: Monday- Friday: 4pm- 8pm Saturday: 8am – 4pm Sunday: 10am – 2pm “The Practice” contact during above only 01590 630545

  18. Any Questions?