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Hosted Voice Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Hosted Voice Services

Hosted Voice Services

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Hosted Voice Services

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  1. Hosted Voice Services William Rubio

  2. Hosted Voice Hosted Voice is a completely managed enterprise class IP phone system, high speed broadband, voice services, features and unified communications, delivered via a secure, private IP network as an end-to-end solution from one provider. META Switch Remote Worker EarthLink Support Center Limitless Office Location Scalability Find Me Follow Me

  3. Hosted Voice Network Topology Connectivity solutions should be based on type of customer facility and bandwidth requirements.

  4. Why Hosted Voice Services? • Hosted Voice provides simple, centralized system management with minimal operating costs • Powerful Disaster Recovery • Flat Operating Expense • Smaller businesses can duplicate enterprise type calling features • No Geographic Limitations • No Expensive IT Requirements User portal – empowers users to customize individual features • Simple administration portal for moves, adds and changes • Enterprise Class service with CoS and SLA • Seamlessly supports virtual as well as traditional businesses

  5. Key Features Administrative Portal (BGA) User Portal - Dashboard ACD User Phone Profile Editor Auto Attendant

  6. Business Case - Retail • Customer’s Profile: • Employee – 300 • Locations – 182 - (Spanning all states) • IP Phone Type – Aastra • Auto Attendant – Yes • ACD – No • Access Types – ADSL/Cable/Ethernet/T1 • MRC - $35,000 • The Challenge: • Centralize Voice application and a MPLS • Provide quicker credit card processing for faster service at all retail locations • Provide for “business continuance” in the event of a catastrophic event • Have one provider manage the telecommunication requirements • Simplify system administered from a single location • Integrate IT services to eliminate any CAPX cost • The Solution • The combination of Hosted Voice, MPLS and IT Services created a one stop shop, centralizing all services and controlling cost • EarthLink Direct Connect can add one more client per day per month which added $54,000 in new revenue per month

  7. Business Case - Retail

  8. Business Case - Manufacturing • Customer’s Profile • Employee – 50 • Locations – Multiple site locations • IP Phone Type – Polycom • Auto Attendant – Yes • ACD – No • Access Types – DSL/T1 • MRC - $4,000 • The Challenge: • Did a lot of “Out-of-the-Office” traveling • between their locations and customer visits • Customer’s existing system was EoL • No IT staff to maintain their current system & complained about the cost of third party maintenance • Customer ran 3 companies from corporate and needed to differentiate • The Solution • A fully featured Hosted Voice system provided multiple solutions • EarthLink was able to identify when a client called in, which company they were calling for and tie all 3 locations together including the warehouse with DSL instead of aT1 and allocate the cost of the T1 for other services

  9. Business Case -Manufacturing

  10. Business Case – Finance • Customer’s Profile: • Owns and operates 243 offices in 6 states • No Centralized Control/Management • No IT staff – must use third party for MACs • Multiple vendors • No ACD • No Auto Attendant • General voicemail box for inbound calls when offices are closed • Access Types – T1/Ethernet Only • MRC - $70,000 • The Challenge • Customer required all offices to be connected to a single system • Inbound call routing directly to customer’s agent • Never miss a call - but if this should happen - need a missed call log to call back • Control costs by elimination of third party • Voicemail box for each branch manager with cell phone notification of new message • The Solution: • A fully featured, business class Hosted Voice system supplied, managed and maintained by a single vendor with outbound call notification for voicemail

  11. Business Case – Finance

  12. Business Case - Medical • Customer’s Profile: • 80 Full Time employees • Cancer treatment center • 8 locations • IP Phones Polycom • Auto Attendant – yes • ACD – Yes • MRC - $9,200 • The Challenge: • Single Provider and ease of MACD • All calls terminated to main location and farmed out from there • Disaster Recovery if a catastrophic event compromises the medical facilities • Efficient call routing required plus call recording and summary reporting • Medical staff must receive calls • Large file sharing between sites • The Solution: • A fully featured, business class Hosted Voice system supplied, managed and maintained by a single vendor with MPLS to prioritize the packets

  13. Business Case – Medical

  14. Milestones/Achievements 2012 • ATLANTA, Sept. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- TMC, a global, integrated media company, recently selected EarthLink Complete™ Hosted Voice and EarthLink Complete™ MPLS as recipients of its Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. • In 2012 alone, EarthLink's sales channels have sold more than 15,000 Hosted Voice seats and IP phones! • EarthLink Complete Hosted Voice has enabled businesses to obtain a Hosted IP PBX solution without the cost of purchasing a PBX or key system. • EarthLink has secured a position as one of the leading nationwide Hosted Voice providers in the country.

  15. Overlay Support Options Partner Channel • Email Support: • • Toll-Free Support Hotline – • 888-965-5885 (follow prompts) • Remote Presentations via fuze • Virtual Desk and Demo via fuze • Pre-Schedule (3 x 1 hour slots per day) • On Site Presentation • Pre Qualified & Authorized • Advance Scheduling for Travel

  16. Hosted Voice Future Roadmap • ComPortal Communicator-software based phone client released. Also available as added or alternate option for remote worker • Square Key Configuration (MADN Option) • – Traditional Line Key Emulation • VCF – Virtual Call Forwarding • Attendant Console – Software Based Receptionist • Hot Desking – (Q-4) • Mobility Pack (Q-4) - Portal Lite

  17. Why Hosted Voice Services? • Value Proposition • One Solution provider for local, long distance, data, Internet, mobile and IP solutions • Hosted Voice provides simple, centralized system management with minimal operating costs • Provides enterprise features for small business without the capital expense of a new phone system. PBX in the Cloud. • Why • Flat Operating Expense *** number of employees times a fixed cost *** • Smaller businesses can duplicate enterprise type calling features • No expensive IT requirements • Simple administration portal for moves, adds and changes • Scales with your business requirements, such as starting or adding offices, moving or adding remote employees • User portal – empowers users to customized individual features and phones 4 digit dialing between remote locations • No geographic limitations • All employees virtually integrated on one system • Powerful Disaster recovery • Enterprise Class service with CoS and SLA • Today’s businesses have been transformed where many employees are away from their desk and out of the office, traditional phone systems are tied to the desk

  18. Conversation Starter Topics • Soft Phone supports remote workers and distributed work environments • EarthLink's nationwide, blended access network allows us to tailor a solution • that fits the multi-location customer's bandwidth and budgetary needs • We can deliver service over ADSL, T1’s, Metro Ethernet and DS3 w CoS • Site to site calling helps eliminate costs for calls between multi-location • customers • Provide service over the EarthLink Private IP Network with QoS • Deliver a unified product set & positive customer experience • Drive costs down by managing network, voice & IT services on the EL Cloud • Enable customers to harness the full power of integrated IP services • Build a complete Hosted Voice Communications Solution, which addresses • the needs of all/specific locations with enhanced voice services such as Auto • Attendant and ACD • Send private secure emails with our secure email portfolio • Share all domestic long distance minutes and/or mobile minutes • Prioritize voice, video, and data traffic on the EarthLink Private Cloud

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