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Measurable Management

Measurable Management

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Measurable Management

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  1. Measurable Management Translating Boardroom Strategy Into Measurable Outcomes

  2. Business Improvement Through Change Management A Practical Approach

  3. Business Evaluation Business Plan Most organizations evaluate their performance and develop business plans. Total Strategies for Success provide vehicles to implement plans and maximize opportunity. Marketing Financial Implementation Process Information Technology Operations Human Resources e-commerce

  4. The three business cycles: All organizations go through the same three business cycles regardless of market sector, service or manufacturing focus. Production Sales Consumer

  5. The real world: Your Competitor Some markets have more competition than others. Only by genuinely being better than your competitors can you improve your sales & customer retention. Your Competitor Customer You Measurable Management and it’s sister program World Class Workforce are designed to help you be better than the competition at satisfying your customers. Your Competitor

  6. C.E.O. Mission Statement Strategic Objectives Policy Deployment The Future The wealth is created by the workforce who handle the processes that directly engage and satisfy the customer. Measurable Management is designed with First Line Managers in mind. Helping to translate Management Strategy into action in the workplace. The Present First Line Managers The Processes S C

  7. Measurable Management • Workforce development must deliver real and measurable outcomes that meet the needs of: • The organization • The department • The individual

  8. Benefit Planning • The senior managers of each participating company decide on the key business issues. • The success of the program is measured against this criteria. • No “tail wagging the dog”.

  9. Organization: Department: Manager: Participant: Key Business Issues

  10. What are the current key business issues for your company as a whole? Where would senior management like to see measurable improvements over the next six months? You may need to speak to a senior manager or two to ask this question. Key Business Issues

  11. What are the current issues for your department? How does the answer to the section above impact on you? How are you expected by senior management to contribute towards the improvements that they are expecting? Key Business Issues

  12. How will you measure your performance against the key business issues? (improved efficiency, time saved, reduced scrap, sales increased, morale improved, budgets met, fewer mistakes etc.) Key Business Issues

  13. Initiating Change Key Business Issues Induction Meeting Group Meetings Measurable Outcomes

  14. Measurable Outcomes Each participant will implement at least three improvements and present the outcomes of their actions according to the bullet points shown on this slide. • Presentations • Problems defined • Effect on the business • Action taken • Measurement criteria applied • Return on investment • Linked to key business issue

  15. Summary • Provides a simple structure to work to. • Draws content from the individuals job. • Pulls together managing by objectives, a teamwork approach to problem solving and a learning process. • Initiates change very swiftly in a controlled and focused method.

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