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North Muskegon High School

North Muskegon High School. One to One Net Book Initiative. GOAL. Integrate technology daily into the educational process both at school and home thus enabling students to develop 21 st century skills relative to learning, collaboration, research and production/productivity. CONCEPT.

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North Muskegon High School

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  1. North Muskegon High School One to One Net Book Initiative

  2. GOAL Integrate technology daily into the educational process both at school and home thus enabling students to develop 21st century skills relative to learning, collaboration, research and production/productivity.

  3. CONCEPT • All students will have access to an individual computing device known as a netbook. • Students will utilize these devices throughout the school day and at home.

  4. Benefits for students • Anywhere, any time access to educational resources. • Allows for project based learning. • Improves research skills. • Improves writing skills. • Improves interest in school and connections with teachers and peers, the world. • Promotes higher order thinking skills. • Improves computer application skills. • Improves student organization skills.

  5. Benefits for teachers • All students have access to educational resources in all classrooms at any time, eliminates teachers sharing limited access with other classrooms. • Allows for collaboration or individualized work. • Allows for utilization of on line programs such as simulations, exercises, interactive sites and more. • Promotes problem solving. • Reduces teacher paper work, for example, students can be assessed on line, homework saved on line, corrected on line.

  6. Benefits for the District • Currently, most of our text books are available on line, a transition from expensive text books is a goal and a potential cost saving method • Reduces discipline issues in classrooms • Improves student test scores • Reduces printing and copy paper costs • Improves graduation rates

  7. The roll out • Best estimates at this time would project the roll out date as February 1st, 2010. • Mid January, Netbooks are imaged. • Mid January, protective cases are printed with asset numbers and school logo. • Technology Team meets in January to discuss student training, tech support needs, student access rights to the network. • A Netbook user’s handbook is being created.

  8. Implementaion • Students and parents must sign the districts equipment responsibility/insurance pool agreement form. • Participation in the pool ($35) covers accidental damage or proven thief. Warranties cover defects. • Students will receive in-service training in the proper care and use of their device. • All devices are assigned an asset number and are the personal responsibility of that student.

  9. All necessary software will be provided and maintained by the district. • Students will log in and connect through the schools server for internet access. • The district will have filtering software in place in an attempt to manage access to inappropriate content. • Students must report problems or damage immediately to the Principal.

  10. Students will be allowed to save work to the device. • The provided protective case should be used at all times. Netbooks should not be removed from the cases. They are designed to work together. • Each student will be provided a handbook that details expectations and what to do when there may be a problem. • Netbooks are the property of the district and will be returned when a student leaves the district, at year’s end or upon request.

  11. Key Findings • From Project RED. (Revolutionizing Education) • There is a direct correlation between the use of nine key factors and successfully implemented One to One student computer initiatives.

  12. Technology should be integrated into every class and intervention class. • Teachers are provided at least monthly PD or collaboration opportunities. • Students use technology daily for online collaboration; (simulations, social media).

  13. Technology is integrated into the core curriculum. • On-line student assessment is done with students at least once a week. • Student/computer ratios at one to one.

  14. Use of Virtual Fieldtrips at least once monthly. • Students use Search Engines daily. • Principals are tech users trained in teacher buy-in, best practices, and technology transformed learning.

  15. Additional Information • The North Muskegon Three Year Technology Plan is available at www.nmps.k12.mi.us under the student section. • Research and more information regarding Michigan one to one programs may be found at www.onetooneinitiative.org. • Information regarding education and technology can be found at www.macul.org.

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