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  1. About Us At Therapy OPS, we offer a one-of-a-kind experience where patients receive care with a supportive team. We cherish an imaginative environment with exercises, treatment, and hands-on activities that allow patients to grow and advance their skills. Our staff and volunteers each play an intricate part in the success and health of our patients. A spirited team effort upholds our mission. Our staff is extensively trained and devoted to meeting the emotional and developmental needs of each child through our stimulating environment and age-appropriate activities.

  2. OUR 3 STEP APPROACH  1. Evaluate: Your first appointment, known as your initial evaluation, is a crucial part of your treatment process.  Your therapist will use this appointment to get to you know you and/or your child, any needs, and your personal goals for treatment.  This initial assessment will include formal and informal evaluation methods, in order to get a comprehensive picture of current abilities and challenges.  Our staff will work with you to complete and collect the information we need, prior to the evaluation; including: Collect a copy of your insurance card and a photo ID; Collect a copy of the prescription given to you by your Doctor (if not received prior to your appointment); Collect your completed copy of the intake forms. This information provides your therapist with the ground work needed to start you or your child’s treatment plan.

  3. OUR 3 STEP APPROACH  2. Diagnose/Report: When meeting with the therapist, they may: Ask you questions about medical history, current problems/complaints and how they are impacting daily activities and functional limitations; Discuss with you any medications, tests or procedures related to you and/or your child’s health that may be pertinent to their care; Perform an evaluation that may include standardized assessments, observation, and parent questionnaires. Once the assessments are completed, the therapist will work with you to create a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle, meets your needs and treats the problems described. This plan will consist of how frequently you need to come in for further appointments, how long you can anticipate needing therapy, establishing a home program, and establishing short and long-term goals. This plan will be shared with and completed in conjunction with input from your referring Doctor.  Depending on the type of evaluation, it could last anywhere from 45-90 minutes.

  4. OUR 3 STEP APPROACH  3. Treatment: The goal of therapy is to address any challenges or areas of weakness that were established during the evaluation with the goal of advancing you and/or your child to the age-appropriate range. In therapy we use evidence-based practices that are specific to each person’s needs. Each therapy session will be individualized and may vary from session to session to keep patients engaged. Occupational and Physical Therapy sessions generally last 45-55 minutes, where speech sessions last 25-30 minutes. During the session, you may be asked to join in depending on the goals targeted and/or your child’s temperament.  If your presence is not required, you are free to wait in the lobby or parking lot.  Please be respectful of your therapist’s time and be sure to return before the session is completed.  After each session, your therapist will offer a quick overview of the activities completed and any home programming that can expedite progress.


  6. Contact Us Phone (469) 917-0805 Email Fax (469) 917-0799 Website

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