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Services- Speech Therapy- Occupational Therapy- Physical Therapy | PowerPoint Presentation
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Services- Speech Therapy- Occupational Therapy- Physical Therapy |

Services- Speech Therapy- Occupational Therapy- Physical Therapy |

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Services- Speech Therapy- Occupational Therapy- Physical Therapy |

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  1. Occupational Therapy When your child begins to grow, it goes through different phases of transformation such as physical, cognitive, and sociological development. However, in some cases, the child does not achieve the same development as other kids of his /her age. Occupational Therapy (OT) helps the kids and elderly people who struggle to perform their everyday activities due to poor motor skills. This treatment involves exercise, techniques, and multisensory techniques, which improve daily living skills, school performance, and learning abilities. It has been found that kids with poor motor skills experience low esteem and self- hatred because of being bullied. With occupational therapy, kids are inspired to be the more confident and best version of themselves. Major signs that your child needs Occupational Therapy (OT) •Suffering from birth-related abnormalities •Difficulty in holding the pencil, scissors, and writing tools •Engagement in repetitive play for hours •Ability to learn new things quickly •Lack of concentration and focus at school •Dealing with bone-related disorders like arthritis Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Kids 1.Better handling of daily tasks 2.Improves the communication and interaction skills 3.Overcome sensory processing disorders 4.Improves physical movements 1.Better handling of daily tasks It helps the kids carrying out their activities independently. It could be anything such as holding a pencil to write, brushing teeth, and wearing clothes, and so on. 2.Improves communication and interaction skills Some kids face trouble in seeing the things, hearing the sounds, figuring out the smells, and understanding the touch. Occupational Therapy involves bringing back control of sensory organs in kids. 3.Overcome sensory processing disorders

  2. It helps the kids suffering from Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). In this condition, the brain has difficulty receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses. Such kids tend to stay alone and do not engage in play or games with other kids. 4.Improves physical movements Medical complications like Cerebral palsy which obstructs the normal physical movements. Besides, kids suffer from dystrophy in the muscles, which makes them unable to move, and resorting to using a wheelchair. Here occupational therapy assists the kids in improving their physical movements and reduces the daily struggles.