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Create Unforgettable Travel Experiences with The Trans-Siberian Travel Company PowerPoint Presentation
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Create Unforgettable Travel Experiences with The Trans-Siberian Travel Company

Create Unforgettable Travel Experiences with The Trans-Siberian Travel Company

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Create Unforgettable Travel Experiences with The Trans-Siberian Travel Company

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  1. THE THE TRANS TRANS- -SIBERIAN TRAVEL COMPANY SIBERIAN TRAVEL COMPANY Unforgettable Unforgettable Travel Experiences Travel Experiences at at the the Palm Palm of of Your Hands Your Hands Company Overview Company Overview The Trans-Siberian Travel Company (TSTC), operated by HeadsEast Ltd, is a UK based, family- owned tour company specialising on Russia, Mongolia, and China travel destinations. We are proud to provide satisfactory customer service and high quality tours to our clients. To assure our clients’ safety, we have an ATOL license making them fully insured during their trip. We are also a member of ABTA (The Association of British Travel Agents) so clients can be certain that we follow quality travel standards. The Trans-Siberian Travel Company assures every client that they will receive what they deserve – an epic travel experience. Kindly check our website now for the best Trans-Siberian express holidays and a complete list of our services. Services Offered Services Offered We provide standard and tailor made Trans-Siberian tours and holiday packagesdepending on the clients’ preference as to which state the trip will begin and other special requests.We have a Trans-Siberian Railway tour from Beijing and other routes that provide our clients with a unique experience. You can choose from the following types of tours: Tsars Gold Private Train Tsars Gold Private Train – A train with 5 cabin classes for a more private experience. The train takes routes from Moscow to Beijing and Beijing to Moscow. It takes the route along the shores of Lake Baikal giving you a scenic trip.

  2. Golden Eagle Luxury Train Golden Eagle Luxury Train – For a luxurious and extra comfortable trip, taking the Golden Eagle train is a great option. It takes the route from Moscow to Vladivostok passing through less visited stops. Only 100 passengers are allowed in this exclusive train with en-suite cabin for a really special and high quality experience. Tailor Made Trans Tailor Made Trans- -Siberian personalised holiday, try our tailor made tours. This type of tour is designed to match your requirements guarantee that you will get value for your money. Siberian – For a more and budget. We Trans Trans- -Siberian Winter Tours Siberian Winter Tours – You also have an option if you want to travel during winter. Trips have been designed to give you the best holiday experience while travelling during this season. Stay in a warm cosy cabin while enjoying the view of the snow covered landscape. Trans Trans- -Siberian Honeymoon Tours Siberian Honeymoon Tours – For a unique honeymoon experience, we offer honeymoon packages. These tours can be tailored based on your requirements to experience a trip you’ll never forget. Private Group Trans Private Group Trans- -Siberian Tours those who are travelling in groups and want to have a more private experience, they can book for this trip. We will work with an itinerary that will fit with what you want and with the number of people in your group. Siberian Tours – For *** *** If are in a hurry, you can take our nonstop, direct trains which are ideal for people who have a limited schedule.

  3. The following are our premiere travel destination packages: Trans Trans- -Siberian Siberian Tours Tours Starting Starting From Moscow From Moscow – This is one of our most chosen Trans-Siberian tour packages. Being Russia’s capital, Moscow is the highlight of the trip with museums, theatres, and galleries that are worth seeing.You can visit the world renowned Kremlin as well as the St Basil Cathedral. Starting Starting From St Petersburg From St Petersburg– St Petersburg is the centre of culture in Russia. Visit the palaces, theatres, canals, and museums that St Petersburg has to offer. St Petersburg is not in the main Trans-Siberian railway but there are already trains that connect the city to Moscow for a more convenient travel experience. Starting Starting From Beijing From Beijing – Start your Trans-Siberian Tour in Beijing, the capital of China. The city itself boasts their world famous attractions such as the Forbidden City, Great Wall of China, and more. You can choose to travel though Mongolia via the Trans-Mongolian railway or the classic Trans-Siberian tour. Starting Starting From Vladivostok From Vladivostok – Vladivostok may not be a popular destination for tours but this is the ideal line for people who are coming from Japan or Korea. The ride runs 9,259 km all the way to Moscow making this the longest single train ride in the world. Travel during early autumn or during winter season to get a spectacular view of the place. For those who want to experience more of the country they are visiting, we provide special tours and add-ons that you can take before or after your railway trip. Tours & Add Tours & Add- -Ons In China Ons In China – We offer affordable packages to escorted China tour packages. You can choose from a few add-ons to itineraries filling an entire week or more. Tours & Add Tours & Add- -Ons In Russia Ons In Russia – Experience more of Russia other than just your railway trip. These tours take you to less visited regions and remote cities for an adventurous holiday. Tours & Add Tours & Add- -Ons In Mongolia Ons In Mongolia – Get along with the friendly people of Mongolia and see more of its extraordinarily beautiful areas.

  4. The Trans The Trans- -Siberian Travel Company Siberian Travel Company Website Website Visit our website at Through our website, clients can learn more about their tour through our destination guides. Our website also boasts maps, brochures, and articles that can be helpful for you when planning and booking a tour that fits with your preferences. If you book with us, we will give you access to our CLIENT ONLY page CLIENT ONLY page which gives you exclusive perks. To help you evaluate the quality of our services, visit our Testimonials page to know what our valued clients have to say about us.

  5. Booking Your Trip With Us Booking Your Trip With Us Our booking process is as easy as counting 1, 2, 3 as you can conveniently book your trip online. But, before you complete your booking make sure that you are aware of the following terms: Travel Insurance Travel Insurance –It’s hard to predict any sudden sickness or accidents so we encourage all of our clients to ensure that they are fully insured during the entire duration of their trip. Passports Passports – The validity of your passport will affect the approval of your visa. And, even if a visa is issued, there’s still a possibility that your entry will be denied upon arrival. See to it that your passport has at least 6 months validity before you enter every country in your itinerary. Passport Details Passport Details – When filling out the forms, the details you enter should match with your passport details as well as with your visa details. Booking Details Booking Details – Before submitting the form, make sure you have read all the terms and conditions just below the forms. *** *** 1.To start, complete the forms a.If you are travelling on your own or with a group and you are the representative, complete the Principal Traveller Booking Form Principal Traveller Booking Form. b.For additional travellers, they should complete the Additional Traveller(s) Booking Form forms available online. Additional Traveller(s) Booking Form. 2.Double check the details you entered and then click ‘Submit Form’. 3.Once your booking has been accepted, you will be asked for the payment. For those whose trip will start in not less than 60 days, we ask for a £250 non-refundable deposit. If your trip will begin in less than 60 days, the full amount for the services should be paid beforehand. If you’re booking international flights with us, you should include the costs of your international flights. Tickets have to be issued early to secure an accurate price. Payments can be done in any or a combination of the following payment methods: a.Bank Transfer –We accept bank transfers to our UK bank account. Once we’ve confirmed your booking, bank transfer details will be sent to you. Take note that you will be the one you will be the one

  6. to pay for ALL transfer fees to pay for ALL transfer fees (esp. for international transfers). A receipt will be emailed to you once we’ve received your payment. b.Credit or Debit Card – We also accept online payments through credit or debit card. Take note that we only accept cards from Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. For credit card payments, kindly include an additional 2% surcharge to your payment include an additional 2% surcharge to your payment to cover up for card company fees that are charged to us. No surcharge will be added on debit card payments. All credit or debit card payments will be redirected to redirected to, our parent website, for online payment processing. Payment details will be included in the invoice that we will send to you. c.Cheque – Cheque payments in UK Pound Sterling are also accepted. These payments will be sent to: The Trans The Trans- -Siberian Travel Company Siberian Travel Company 27 Butts Green Road Hornchurch Essex, RM11 2JS United Kingdom Allow us up to 10 days for the cheque to be cleared Allow us up to 10 days for the cheque to be cleared. You will be notified once we’ve received your cheque payment at our office. A confirmation receipt will be sent once your cheque has been cleared. 4.For those who still have a remaining balance, your balance is due 60 days before your trip balance is due 60 days before your trip starts starts. 5.A month before your trip starts, a username and passwo username and password will be sent to you rd will be sent to you to allow you to access our client content pages. In the client page, you can: a.Download your receipt containing your payment details b.Download your itinerary c.Get a PDF copy of a personalised 150+ Trip Guidebook

  7. A hard copy of the guidebook, itinerary, and receipt will also be sent to you. 6.In case you experience issues during your trip, emergency contact numbers will be provided emergency contact numbers will be provided. These numbers can also be found on your guidebook. It’s available 24 hours so you can contact us anytime you need help. 7. After your trip, you will be invited to fill out our Trans Trans- -Siberian Feedback Form Siberian Feedback Form. This will help others to know how your adventure went and will also help us to further improve our services. Contact Information Contact Information Do not hesitate to talk to us if you have more questions regarding our services. Contact us using the contact details indicated below. All our trips are operated by Headseast Ltd. Headseast Ltd. The Trans The Trans- -Siberian Travel Company Siberian Travel Company 27 Butts Green Road, Hornchurch Essex, RM11 2JS United Kingdom Schedule: Schedule: Monday Monday - - Friday: Friday: 9:00AM to 5:00PM Saturday Saturday – – Sunday: Sunday: CLOSED Kindly follow our social media pages so you won’t miss any special deals. Facebook: Facebook:HeadsEast Twitter: Twitter: Headseast Google Plus: Google Plus:HEADSEAST YouTube: YouTube:HEADSEAST Call: Call: +44 020 8816 8925 Email: m