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  1. Västbus

  2. Contents What is Västbus? Howis Västbus managed? Whydid Västbus develope? Howdoes the agreementwork in practice? Västbus

  3. What is Västbus? Short for collaboration in Western Sweden for children and young adults Agreement/guidelines between regional healthcare and the 49 municipalities of Western Sweden to cooperate concerning children and young adults with psychic, psychiatric and social needs. Approved by social services, schools, local health care, specialist health care and other facilities that meet the target groupwithin the regional healthcare and municipalities. Since2005 andrenewed 2012.

  4. Whatdoes Västbus consistof? An agreement, obligationandresponsibility between the parties to collaborate for the target groupValues concerning the childs best, collaboration with parents and the family as the pivotal focus. The main purpose is to avoid that children who need help fall “between organizational chairs” and don´t receive the required help. Guidelines on how to collaborate both on a structural, organizational level and a practical level around the child

  5. Västbus – structual and practical level Collaboration meetings over organisation boarders in order to quicker and more effectively meet multifaceted problemsSIP*, written plan in collaboration to make sure needs are met and in order to structure careFollow up –are we doing what we say and are we making a difference? Organization on a regional, part regional (5 groups) and local level Management teams Information and educationFollow up, deviation

  6. Samordnad individuell plan, SIP National lawsince 2010 thatobligatesheathcare and the municipalitiesto collaboratewhen a person/patient has needs and/or has help/services concerningbothparties. The lawpointstowards SIP as a tool to enablethis. A SIP is a collaborationalwritten plan to meet the persons needs and structurewhodoeswhat, in what order, how and when. SIP concernesall persons/patients in requirementof services from bothpartiesin order to fullfilltheirneeds. Västbus has workedwith SIP as a toolsince 2005!

  7. Whydid Västbus develope?

  8. Recreation center Whydid Västbus develope? School health care Child psychiatrics Church Institutions Maternal health Specialist health care Youth clinic Dentist Social services Health center GP Police Child care Foster care Pre school Non profit organisations School Adult psychiatrics

  9. School School health care Pre school Åtgärdsprogram Handlingsprogram Maternety health Disability services Vårdplan SIP, the childsplan Habilitation care Individuell plan Aktivitetsplan Child psychiatrics Social services Vårdplan Genomförandeplan

  10. Why collaborate? Mutual learning Economical, society benefits Collaboration in order togivechildren and youngadults the right help at the right time Earlydiscoveryofchildrensneeds Collectiveexpertise Holisticpictureof the child and the situation Qualified services It´s the onlyway to meetmultifaceted problems!

  11. Västbus collaboration meetings

  12. Parentsvoices about Västbusmöte ” Good to talk thisway. This is the first timeweboth (parents) bothparticipated in a whole meeting together. ” Everyone got an opportunity to talk and listen to eachother, thereweremoreangles and thoughtsthenif I wouldhavemeteverybodyone and one.