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Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday

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Billie Holiday

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  1. Billie Holiday The Harlem Renaissance By Eric Sanchez Starring the one and only Billie Holiday

  2. Billie Holiday • Born Wednesday,April 7,1915 in Philadelphia. • Died Friday July 17, 1959 at 3:10,age 44 in Metropolitan Hospital,room 6A12. • Billie Holiday was the most famous jazz singer in her time. “Lady Holiday” was her nickname given by Lester Young. She made her music and song her songs through out the years of her life.

  3. Growing up • Billie Holiday had essentially grew up on her own. • Her father Clarence Holiday was a guitar player and he abandoned his family. • During that time her mother was not a very good role model. • She felt unloved and gained a long complex life that led her to take great risks.

  4. Becoming Well-Known • Billie Holiday was well-known because of her music. Billie Holiday’s life began after she was discovered by a singer in the Harlem club John Hammond. • John H. had arranged for Billie Holiday to record a couple of titles with Benny Goodman, although it was not successful it would start her career. • In 1935 Billie Holiday teamed up with Teddy Wilson. This would make some of her finest recordings of her career and jazz performances.

  5. Her impact to the world • Billie Holiday’s music was what had impacted the world. • Billie Holiday’s music had people rocken all throughout those days. • She made up to 43 albums which includes Quintessential volume 1-9, Lady Day, The Silver Collection, and more.

  6. The Obstacles • Billie Holiday also had to deal with racism. • But not only did she had to deal with racism in the southern tours but also in New York. • In 1939 she recorded the horrible picturesque “Strange Fruit” which is a strong anti-racism statement.

  7. Her Work • Billie Holiday went through a lot. She spent countless hours listening and writing music. • Billie holiday had sought to join Louis Armstrong's swing and Bessie Smiths sound. • The result was that she had her own fresh approach.

  8. Her Success • Billie Holiday got a chance to go to Hollywood to make a movie. • Though she was upset that she played as a maid, she was delighted to perform with her idol Louis Armstrong. • Billie Holiday became an excessive drinker. It was because of her unhappy relationships that distracted her. Then she started cracking on the words like a 73 year old,that day she collapsed.

  9. Timeline

  10. Special Thanks I would like to thank the unofficial site of Billie Holiday and Krystle Ayala for helping me put together the slide show. Also Mr.Duran which helped me find some of my information on the web and Mr.Hardart for helping me with putting on theshow.