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Federal Emergency Management Agency

Federal Emergency Management Agency. Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program Region I, Boston September 10, 2012. Mission.

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Federal Emergency Management Agency

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  1. Federal Emergency Management Agency Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program Region I, Boston September 10, 2012

  2. Mission • FEMA’s mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards. • FEMA established the Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) Program to (1) ensure the health and safety of citizens living around commercial nuclear power plants would be adequately protected in the event of a nuclear power plant accident; and (2) inform and educate the public about radiological emergency preparedness.

  3. REP History • On December 7, 1979, following the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant accident in Pennsylvania, President Carter transferred the federal lead role in offsite radiological emergency planning and preparedness activities from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to FEMA. • FEMA established the Radiological Emergency Preparedness program to oversee off-site planning and preparedness. • 44 CFR part 350. • The NRC maintains responsibility for on-site activities.

  4. REP Program Overview • Review and evaluate State and local government off-site radiological emergency response plans to ensure compliance with off-site planning, preparedness, and response regulations and guidance; • Evaluate the ability of State and local governments to implement their plans during bi-annual graded exercises; submit findings and determinations to the NRC for consideration during commercial nuclear power plant licensing and operating decisions; • Develop rules, policies and guidance pertaining to off-site radiological emergency planning and preparedness (REP Program Manual published in October 2011).

  5. REP Overview Continued… • Conduct REP planning and exercise evaluator training; • Conduct REP public outreach and education and respond to NRC requests for assistance on off-site radiological emergency preparedness planning or exercise issues; • Participate in joint meetings, seminars and training sessions with State and Local partners; • Support NRC in its mission to regulate new power plant sites by reviewing off-site preparedness plans and procedures.

  6. REP Overview Continued… • To facilitate monitoring of REP planning and preparedness requirements, each state with a REP Program submits an Annual Letter of Certification (ALC) to the FEMA Regional REP Branch; • ALC must include assurances that all requisite activities have been taken or completed as appropriate; • Required items are: • Plan, Procedure and Letter of Agreement (LOA) changes • Public Information and Education • Radiological Emergency Response Training • Drills (excluding the Bi-annual Graded Exercise) • 24 Hour staffing • Emergency Facilities and Radiological Equipment • Alert & Notification

  7. FEMA Region I Power Plants • Seabrook Nuclear Power Station • Seabrook, New Hampshire • Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant • Vernon, Vermont • Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant • Plymouth, Massachusetts • Millstone Nuclear Power Plant • Waterford, Connecticut

  8. Nuclear Power Plants

  9. Current Region I REP Activities • Regional • Work with State and Local Officials to prepare for upcoming exercises: • Pilgrim Plume Exercise (November 2012); • Vermont Yankee (June 2013) • Seabrook (April 2014) • Millstone (TBD 2014) • National • Assist Headquarters with implementation of REP Policy; • Assist Headquarters with implementation of the REP Manual; • Assist other FEMA Regions with exercise evaluation.

  10. Region I Contacts • FEMA Region I, REP99 High StreetBoston, MA 02110 • Steve Colman, Regional Assistance Committee Chair • steve.colman@dhs.gov • 617-832-4731 • Ingrid Bruns, Senior Tech Hazards Program Specialist • ingrid.bruns@dhs.gov • 617-956-7641 • Don Carlton, Tech Hazards Program Specialist • don.carlton@dhs.gov • 617.956.7563

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