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My Pilgrimage to France PowerPoint Presentation
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My Pilgrimage to France

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My Pilgrimage to France
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My Pilgrimage to France

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  1. “ La Tour Eiffel, Paris My Pilgrimage to France Samuel Bradshaw

  2. Sainte-Foy d’Aigrefeuille, southern France Why France? • France is a beautiful country in Europe. Some of Europe’s most famous cities and tourist sites are there. • I lived in France during my 10th grade year and I want to see the people and places I got to know while I was there.

  3. Pont du Gard, southern France The History • France was known as Gaul until the 9th century. At one time, it was ruled by the Roman Empire (Noin par. 2). • It has played a big part in the developed world since the 17th century – socially, economically, and politically (par. 3).

  4. La Musée du Louvre, Paris The Culture • France, especially Paris, is considered the training ground for artists – and certain parts of the city have artists lining the streets, painting and selling portraits and landscapes (“France: Culture” par. 2). • There are many centuries-old buildings, castles, and monuments that still survive in France and can be seen today.

  5. Étretat, northern France The Geography • France is the second-largest country in Europe (first is Ukraine), with the fifth-largest population (“France Geography” par. 1). • Most of France is mountainous (par. 6); there are vast farms in some regions, and there are beaches along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea (par. 7).

  6. The People • There are about 57.5 million people in France (“France Geo-graphy” par. 2). Most of them are French. • Another group of people you might find, especially in the big cities and around vacation times, is tourists. A French family Tourists

  7. The People (cont.) • Other foreigners you might find in France are college students studying at French universities, special-ists working at inter-national corporations such as Airbus, and missionaries. College students Missionaries

  8. The Benefits • By visiting France, I would broaden my knowledge of foreign culture and the French language. • I will also be able to strengthen friendships with my friends in France.

  9. A Souvenir • An example of a souvenir I might bring home from France is a miniature model of the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is a well-known symbol of France.

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