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My Tour of France

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My Tour of France
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My Tour of France

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  1. My Tour of France This is a collection of photos from my experience of the 2007 Le Tour de France

  2. The article from the Bunbury Mail prior to my departure for France. By Freyla Ferguson

  3. My bike in front of the Castle at Chantilly

  4. The finish as the bikes are about to enter the town. The background is a TV screen.

  5. Lunch along the Canal de Bourgogne. Canal barge in the background.

  6. Road to Bligny-Sur-Ouche. I don’t think there would be any kangaroos here!!!

  7. Watching the race from Bligny-sur-Ouche wearing a Cote-d J’adORe t-shirt. The yellow bag was to collect trinkets from the caravane to send back home.

  8. The breakaway group at this point are approaching the sprint section at Bligny-Sur-Ouche.

  9. The peleton at Bligny-Sur-Ouche.

  10. A British supporter dressed in the British flag.

  11. LCL float at Bligny-Sur-Ouche.

  12. EURO TYRE float at Bligny-Sur-Ouche.

  13. KLEBER Tire float at Bligny-Sur-Ouche.

  14. NESTLE AQUAREL float at Bligny-Sur-Ouche

  15. Dr. OETKER float at Bligny-Sur-Ouche.

  16. Lion float at Bligny-Sur-Ouch.

  17. Down, down, down to the wine growing district of Beaune.

  18. Market day on Bastille Day Beaune.

  19. Bourg St Maurice in the French Alps.

  20. Masao Kogawara from Tokyo Japan.

  21. A Masao (water color) postcard. .

  22. Bridge over the river, Col du Pt St Bernard

  23. Tour supporters climb the Col du Pt St Bernard.

  24. Down the Col du Pt St Bernard.

  25. Sainte Foy Tarentaise. Col du Pt St Bernard

  26. Up near the snow line looking down from the 20km to go mark. Col du Pt St Bernard

  27. Riders passing through the 20km to go arch.Col du Pt St Bernard

  28. Maria’s husband Quim took the photo.

  29. Up the Col de la Gineste from Marseilles.

  30. I reached the top of the Col de la Geneste

  31. Riders race up the Col from Cassis.

  32. Up the Col de la Gineste. Cassis and the Mediterranean in the background.

  33. The Anore family. Sprint section at la Fare de Oliviers.

  34. Dinner with Anore family.

  35. The old Auto Cycle which was once raced by Hans Anore (Right) reached speeds of 80kph

  36. Camped beside the roadbetween Orthez and Navarrenx

  37. Camped at Beau Rivage in Navarrenx. Drying gear after two days of rain.

  38. Bastion ruins at Navarrenx.

  39. They watched for the enemy from here.

  40. Deep inside the Bastion.

  41. Workers found this 17th century headstone.

  42. 16th century cannon guards the Bastion.

  43. The dry moat surrounds the Bastion.

  44. Riders pass the Bastion

  45. School children wait for the caravane at Navarrenx .

  46. Joe and Sue insisted on buying me lunch.

  47. The road to Orthez from Navarreux.

  48. Avenue Norman Prince. Pau

  49. Riders on the Avenue General de Gaulle. Pau

  50. Clowns at the finish straight. Angouleme