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Eating Disorders

By:Carlisle Britton . Eating Disorders. For my world issues project I chose the topic of Eating Disorders . I chose this topic because eating disorders can happen to anyone, even the person that are most unlikely. Eating disorders is a silent

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Eating Disorders

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  1. By:Carlisle Britton Eating Disorders

  2. For my world issues project I chose the topic of Eating Disorders. I chose this topic because eating disorders can happen to anyone, even the person that are most unlikely. Eating disorders is a silent threat that can really endanger lives. It is also a deadly illness that can hurt the person with illness and sometimes the friends and family. This is why I chose this topic so I could learn about it and so I could help if I knew someone with it. Introduction

  3. Anorexia Nervosa Bulimia Nervosa Anorexia Athletica ( Compulsive Exercising) Binge Eating Disorder ( BED) Night Eating Syndrome Pica Compulsive Overeating Body Mass Index (BMI) Prader Will Syndrome (PWS) Rumination What are the different types of Eating Disorders?

  4. Their Career ( Ballet, Dancer, Athletes, ect.) Not liked/loved Fat Ugly See it on T.V Models Peers Family Books Friends What are the reasons people have eating disorders?

  5. Deadly illness Silent threat Unhealthy relationship with food A fear of weight gain Inability to stop eating Self critical, negative thoughts When you eat or refuse to eat in order to satisfy yourself What are Eating Disorders?

  6. You can refer the person to a doctor, counsellor or a nutritionist It can be cured if identified early Begin to eat healthy and understand healthy bodies come in different shapes and sizes You can go to: Anorexia Nervosa and Assorted Disorders (Canadian) The National Eating Disorder Information Centre (Canadian) S.A.F.E (Canadian) How can we help people with eating disorders?

  7. Low blood pressure Heart failure Starvation Low heart rate Depressed 1/3 of bone mass gone Fragile bones Alcohol abuse/ drug abuse Steal money or food Smoking Loss of hair Damage to stomach and kidneys What are some of the effects?

  8. Primarily to ages 14-25 90% female 10% male 80% have reported dieting before the age 18 Other people say ages of 12-35 Facts

  9. Myth #1 – You have to be overweight to have an eating disorder. Fact #1 -People with eating disorders come in all shapes and sizes. Many individuals with eating disorders are of average weight or overweight. Myth #2- Only teenaged girls and young women are affected by eating disorders. Fact #2- While eating disorders are most common in young women in their teens and early twenties, they are found in men and women in all different ages. Myths and Facts #1

  10. Myth #3- People with eating disorders are vain. Fact #3- It's not vanity that drives people with eating disorders to follow extreme diets and obsess over their bodies, but rather an attempt to deal with feelings of shame, anxiety, and powerlessness. Myths and Facts #2

  11. My opinion on eating disorders is that I think it is a horrible thing to have. I think this because eating disorders are a deadly thing and sometimes it is hard to get back to normal. Also because you never know who will have it.Eating disorders can happen to anyone, even if they look like someone that wouldn't. My opinion is that this is a world issue and it affects anyone! That is my opinion. Opinion

  12. My conclusion is that I learned that eating disorders can happen to anyone and it doesn't matter if you are a guy or a girl. Also that it doesn't just hurt the person that has an eating disorder it also hurt their family. I also learned that sometimes you have eating disorders because of your job or hobby. Some of the jobs are an athlete, dancer, model, ect. That is what I have learned. Conclusion

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