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  1. Singapore by: Pruthvi Nannapaeni

  2. Current Events/Festivals Singapore just celebrated festival of hungry ghosts. A festival which Chinese keep cakes to ghosts at night. Birthday of the Monkey God Navarathiri. It is Indian festival where god is taken on their shoulders.

  3. Country famous for Country is famous tourist places, water sports, Sentosa Island, and Chinese new year on December 31.

  4. Political leaders Goh Chok Tongis(retired) the father of Lee Hsien Loong who is running the Country or current political leader

  5. Position and kind of government. Singapore has different government. The Prime Minster is the person who leads the country. The government is Democracy.

  6. Religions of Singapore

  7. Natural Features Singapore has lot of plains. The weather is different. Almost everyday they have sun and rain. Roads in that country are built slanted so they don’t need to clean. The rain water cleans for them. It is such a small country you can go to any end in an hour from the center of Singapore.

  8. Famous persons Madame White Snake is one of the most popular TV shows of Singapore. This series is a folk tale which involves a spirit of a snake and her male lover who is human. This TV series has attained very high ratings of viewers ship in Singapore. Grey 's Anatomy is one of the most popular TV shows in Singapore. This series has won many hearts in Singapore. Just experience a new crisis through this television show. The Grace Hospital is amidst one of the worst problems and see how the staff and patients get out of it. Lost is also a very famous TV show aired in Singapore. You can also watch out the TV shows like Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty in Singapore. Famous people are people who come in TV because TV is the most popular in Singapore.

  9. Sports Some popular sports are- football, swimming, badminton, basketball and table tennis. There are no famous athletes in Singapore because it is such a small country.

  10. Education system The education is like the the American way. Almost 95% are educated and the other 5% are not educated but work as a service men\women to the country.

  11. Food\Dishes Most famous food are noodles, Chinese rice, Chinese chopstick, sambar rice, and Malay rice.

  12. Traditional Holidays

  13. Cultures They have different cultures from different countries like China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India. The culture of Singapore is a blend and mix of cultures brought by various immigrants. Almost each and everybody celebrates every festival. They have different traditions but people are just like brother and sister to their cultures.

  14. Bibliography Chang, Joney Yang, and Karuna Kondalla. ”Types of living in singapore." singapore resources. 9th ed. 2008. Singapore . Web. 27 Oct. 2009. Jang, Teo. ”Sports and natural resources." The singapore resources . 3rd ed. 2009. Singapore . Web. 30 Oct. 2009. Chang, Tapasvi, and Lee Wang. ”The traditions and cultures of singapore." The singapore Guide. 2nd ed. www.singapore Web. 28 Oct. 2009

  15. Quiz time Multiple choice

  16. 1.what festival did singapore celebrate few days ago? • Festival of hungry ghosts • Republic day • Independence day • Halloween

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  19. What is country famous for? • Harbor • Disney land • Tourist places • Games

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  22. NANNAPANENI: Who are the people leading(Prime Minster) the country? Thornburgh, Terry William, Anderson Loong, Lee Hsien Owens, Megan

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  25. What kind of government is in singapore? • Republic • Democracy • Dictatorship • Monarchy

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  28. Which religion has most number of people? • Hinduism • Islam • Buddhism • Taoism

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  31. Which religion has the lowest number of people? • Hinduism • Other(mix) • Islam • Christianity

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  34. Who is the famous person? • Ravi • Grey 's Anatomy • Cherry Davis • Will green, Tim

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  37. What is one popular sport? • Tennis • Fuzz ball • Table tennis • Cricket

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  40. About how many % people are educated? • 85% • 69.2% • 96.3% • 95.0%

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  43. Which flag is Singapore's flag?

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  46. Cool facts You must go military school when you are 16. If you are a girl you must work in government jobs. There must be a photo id where ever you go. you shouldn't have a gun unless you are a police

  47. Thank You