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  1. Printing By: Mary Baumgartner

  2. Who • A man named Cai Lung was the first man to create the printer. • The printer was revised by a man named Bi Sheng

  3. What • The printer was a major success in Chinese history • It reinvented making books forever • The first kind could only be used once, and one mistake in carving could ruin a whole block • Then it was revised into many different blocks, all carved with one character each.

  4. When • The first one was invented during the Tang dynasty in 618 AD- 907 AD • The revised edition was made during the Song dynasty in 960 AD-1279 AD

  5. Where • The oldest known printer was found in Chang’an (chahn-GON), China • It was the capitol of China during the Tang dynasty, which is when the first printer was made. • How we know it now is Shaanxi (shan-ZEE), China

  6. Why • Because the Chinese had paper, they needed something faster than copying by hand to get the job done. • The revised version was to make it easier to print letters and books

  7. How • The Chinese used it to issue royal proclamations, books, and letters • The printer has evolved from using many different blocks to being able to print from a computer. Although, the printer was used in Revolutionary times to circulate papers that were against the British. • The printer was made because these things happened: • The Chinese needed a more efficient way to make letters and books • They started out using whole blocks of wood, but that was a waste of wood • They made hand stamps out of clay to stop wasting so much wood.

  8. Random Facts • The oldest known print was made during the Han dynasty, before 220 CE • It was of silk printed with flowers of three different colors • Printing is one of the four great inventions of ancient China

  9. Pictures!!! Thanks for watching! A traditional Chinese engraved wood block, the print made from it, and graving tools. This is a banknote issued between 1368 and 1399 This is the Diamond Sutra This is a moveable type printing press This is a picture depicting some men using many different blocks to create a message