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  1. Printing

  2. Ribbon groups used Tip: It is good practice to preview your worksheet before printing so that you can see what it will look like on paper before potentially wasting any.

  3. Will only print the cells that are selected Number of copies Will print all the sheets in a workbook Will print the active sheet • To print only a chart on a worksheet: • Select the chart you want to print. • Open the Print dialogue box. The Selected chart option in the Print what section is automatically selected. • Click OK.

  4. Printing row and column headings Expand the Page Setup to display the Page Setup dialogue box. Select Row and column headings from the Print section

  5. Printing title rows and columns If you have a very large worksheet that spans several pages, it is useful to have the title printed on all the pages. • Open the Page Setup dialogue box. • Click the Sheet tab. • In the Print area type A1:K80, or you can select the cells by clicking on the icon to the right of the Print area: . The dialogue box will collapse to allow you to drag out the area that you want to print. When the print area has been chosen, expand the box again. In the Rows to repeat at the top in the Print titles section, select Row1 by using the collapse/expand button (or type $1:$1 into the box).

  6. Fitting contents onto a specific number of pages It is sometimes convenient to try and fit all of the data onto one page or a specific number of pages for printing purposes. • Open the Page Setup dialogue box. • Click the Page tab. • Click the Fit to: option in the Scaling section and set the other options as 1 page wide by 1 page tall. • Check the Print Preview to see how the page will look when printed.

  7. Hiding/unhiding gridlines on printouts Excel automatically prints without gridlines, but sometimes it can be useful to see them on paper. • Open the Page Setup dialogue box. • Click the Sheet tab. • Click the Gridlines box in the Print section (it can be deselected in the same way). • Check the PrintPreview to see how the page will look when printed.

  8. Paper orientation and size Orientation and Paper size can be selected from the Page Setup dialogue box or from the Page Setup group on the Page Layout ribbon. • Open the Page Setup dialogue box. • Click the Page tab. • Choose the required orientation the Orientation: section. • Choose the required paper size from the Paper Size: section.

  9. Changing the margins • Open the Page Setup dialogue box. • Click the Margins tab. • Select the margin arrangement you want from the lists displayed on the menu. • This section also allows you to Center on page Horizontally and/or Vertically.

  10. Name: Date: Progress checklist 6 • Can I print an entire worksheet? • Can I print an entire workbook? • Can I print a range of cells? • Can I print a selected chart? • Can I print row and column headings? • Can I print gridlines? • Can I print title rows/columns? • Can I fit a printout of a worksheet onto a specified number of pages? • Can I set paper orientation and size, and change the margins?