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  1. Printing How to Get Great Prints

  2. Color Calibration • The first thing you need to do is color calibrate your system. • Your monitor and output device need to be on the same page when it comes to color • Color calibrating your monitor is the first step to getting correct color from your printer

  3. Printers • While high end printers can produce better prints it is possible to get good results from less expensive printers • Generally the more inks a printer has the better the results • High end printers have multiple shades of black . • This may be 3 black and 5 color cartridges

  4. Printers • The larger the ink cartridge the less expensive the ink • A printers ability to use roll paper will reduce cost per print • While the ink cartridges cost more the cost per print goes way down by using a printer with both of the above • Roll paper also give you more flexibility in print size

  5. Image Dpi When printing image dpi is important. 240 dpi or 300 dpi.

  6. Printing • When printing it is important not to double profile. • Your printer or your software can profile (do the work) but not both. • If you double profile you will get unpredictable results

  7. Printing • If you want your printer to profile the print make sure to set your software not to profile the print. • If you want your software to profile the print set your printer to none or nocolor adjustment. • In the printer driver this is usually found in the advanced or color section.

  8. Epson Printing Preferences

  9. Canon Printing Preferences

  10. Canon Printing Preferences

  11. Canon Printing Preferences

  12. Printing • It is also important to choose the correct icm profile for your paper type • This is done in the software used to print the image • An icm profile defines the most saturated colors available in a color space; i.e. the bluest blue or deepest black your printer can produce. • Icm files are used on a pc and icc files are used on a mac.

  13. Photoshop Print Dialog

  14. Printing • A monitor is transmitted light • A print is reflected light • When comparing prints to your monitor a print will appear darker in normal room light • Hold the print under a color corrected daylight desk lamp when comparing to your monitor.

  15. Conclusion • Color calibrate your system • When printing choose the correct paper type • Do color correction in the printer or the software but not both • If color correcting from software choose the correct icm profile for your paper type