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Ppt created by R.Surendran . Agasthiya vidyalaya . 1000 ACTION WORDS. Abide. Ram took an oath to abide by the law. Abide : to conform to. Accuse. Rahul accused pavithra of telling lies. Accuse : to charge with a fault or offense. A ddress.

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  1. Ppt created by R.Surendran. Agasthiyavidyalaya. 1000 ACTION WORDS

  2. Abide • Ram took an oath to abide by the law. • Abide: to conform to

  3. Accuse • Rahulaccused pavithra of telling lies. • Accuse: to charge with a fault or offense

  4. Address • Juliet is addressing a letter to her friend. • Address: to greet by a prescribed form

  5. Absorb • The sponge absorbs water. • Absorb: to suck up or take up

  6. Ache • Vikram’s legs were aching after the long walk. • Ache: dull persistent pain.

  7. Adjust • Nikil is adjusting his watch. • Adjust: to bring to a more satisfactory state.

  8. Admit • The guard admitted the children into the park. • Admit: to allow entry

  9. Access • Dhanush is accessing the computer. • Access: ability to make use of something.

  10. Accept • Subashreeaccepted the gifts on her birthday. • Accept: to receive willingly.

  11. Act • Hariharanacted as a prince in the play. • Act: the doing of a thing.

  12. Add • John added another pencil to his collection. • Add: to bring about an increase

  13. Adopt • Ravi decided to adopt the poor puppy he found on the road. • Adopt: to sponsor the care and maintenance

  14. Adorn • Sharon is adorning the Christmas tree. • Adorn: to enhance the appearance of something with beautiful objects.

  15. Aim • Arjunaimed carefully before pelting the stone. • Aim: to direct toward a specific object.

  16. Amuse • RohitamusedDinesh with his tricks. • Amuse: entertain with a sense of humour

  17. Advise • Mother advisedRahul not to talk to strangers. • Advise: caution or warn

  18. Alarm • The dog alarmed the cat by jumping over it. • Alarm: disturb,excite

  19. Annoy • Ramesh always annoyedsuresh with his silly grin. • Annoy: to disturb or irritate by repeated acts

  20. Affix • Kiran is affixing a stamp on the letter. • Affix: to attach physically

  21. Allow • The policeman stopped the traffic and allowedPadma to cross the road. • Allow: to permit

  22. Answer • Sitaanswered the door bell. • Answered: something done in response

  23. Agree • Somu and Baluagreed to finish their homework before dinner. • Agree: to accept or concede something

  24. Alter • Rudra is altering the height of her bicycle seat. • Alter: to make different without changing into something else.

  25. Apart • Sachin pulled his toy apart. • Apart: to pieces

  26. Appear • The magician made the rabbit appear out of the hat. • Appear: to show up

  27. Apply • Nithiya is applying cream on her face. • Apply: to lay or spread on

  28. Approach • Sunithaapproached her teacher Mrs. Elizabeth for help. • Approach: to draw closer

  29. Argue • Bhim and Ragu argue over everything. • Argue: disagree in words

  30. Arrange • Sumitraarranged all her books neatly on her desk. • Arranged: to put into proper order

  31. Arrest • The Police arrested the thief. • Arrest: the taking or detaining in custody by law.

  32. Ask • Rosy asked Padmini for some water. • Ask: to make a request of

  33. Assign • The teacher assigned to Ravindran, a project in science. • Assign: to appoint to a duty

  34. Assure • Mother assuredGeetha that she was safe in her arms. • Assure: to make sure or certain

  35. Attach • Deepthiattached a greeting card to the letter. • Attach: to bring into an association

  36. Attain • Dhoniattained glory as he won the world cup. • Attain: to reach as an end.

  37. Avoid • Mithun avoided the traffic on his way home from school. • Avoid: to keep away from

  38. Awake • Vikas lay wide awake the whole night. • Awake:to become active again

  39. Babble • Simon is babbling as he lies in hospital. • Babble: to utter meaningless sound

  40. Bag • Dinesh’s dog bagged the first prize at the dog show. • Bag: to achieve in competition

  41. Bait • Dheeraj is baiting the fish with some worms. • Bait:something ( as food)used in luring esp. to a hook

  42. Bake • Simran was baking a cake for the first time. • Bake:to cook by dry heat like in a oven.

  43. Balance • Gymnasts balance themselves on a narrow beam. • Balance: to equal or equalize in weight,propotion or number.

  44. Bandage • Narmada’s sister bandaged her wound. • Bandage: a strip of fabric used to cover or dress wounds

  45. Bang • The vehicle banged against a wall. • Bang: to knock or hit with a sharp noise

  46. Bark • The dog barked at the rabbit. • Bark: short loud cry of a dog.

  47. Bask • Neha is basking in the sun. • Bask: to lie or relax in a pleasant warmth or atmosphere.

  48. Bathe • Vishal bathes everyday. • Bathe: to take a bath.

  49. Beat • The beating of the drum echoed through the jungle. • Beat : to hit or strike repeatedly.

  50. Beckon • Raju beckoned kumar from outside the classroom. • Beckon : to signal typically with a wave or nod

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