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C70-Goody ball-65

C268-Beltis. I. B2145-Ironman. B2145-Ironman. II. B2138-Marathon. C295-Atria. B2085-Green Belt. C33-Green Express. C70-Goody ball 65. B2198-Green Dome. C70-Goody ball-65. B2061-Fighter. B2198-Green Dome. C217-Ogane. C157-Blue Vantage. C217-Ogane. B2056-Heart Land.

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C70-Goody ball-65

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  1. C268-Beltis I B2145-Ironman B2145-Ironman II B2138-Marathon C295-Atria B2085-Green Belt C33-Green Express C70-Goody ball 65 B2198-Green Dome C70-Goody ball-65 B2061-Fighter B2198-Green Dome C217-Ogane C157-Blue Vantage C217-Ogane B2056-Heart Land B2056-Heart Land C163-Wonder ball C174-KY-Cross PC II (8.5%) C174-KY Cross III C253-Primero C253-Primero K3598-Este C209-Green Nova K3601-Joeun Kale B2270-Violet Dream IV K3038-White Rookie K3065-Colibri K3048-Worldcol K3008-Express Forcer K3044-UFO B2271-Orange Dream K3600-Kale B2266-Snow Dream K3611-kailan K3608-kailan K3603-kailan Supplementary Fig. 2Relationships among the 91 commercial B. oleraceaL. cultivars according to Principal coordinate analysis (PCoA) using 69 microsatellite loci. Four clusters are shaded in grey: cluster I (cabbage), cluster II (broccoli), cluster III (kohlrabi and kale), and cluster IV (cauliflower and kai-lan). Several F1 hybrid cultivars are labeled. Kohlrabi: italics; Kale: italics and underlined; Cauliflower: bold and italics; Kai-lan: bold, italics andunderlined. PC I (16.7%)

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