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Kf’s Cupcakes! PowerPoint Presentation
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Kf’s Cupcakes!

Kf’s Cupcakes!

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Kf’s Cupcakes!

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  1. Kf’s Cupcakes!

  2. Executive summary

  3. KF’s Cupcakes will thrive in the city of Georgetown because it’s in the middle of downtown where many people stroll by and plus, who wouldn’t want something sweet to brighten their hectic day!

  4. KF’s Cupcake shop is a tiny, family-oriented business in the middle of the city, Georgetown. We sell a variety of cupcakes made with our own flavors by combining different spices and ingredients. We also sell coffee; You can sit down at our tables, enjoy the view and take a bite of our delicious cupcakes.

  5. Company Description

  6. KF’s Cupcakes, INC. 3301 M Street NW Washington, DC 20007 Unified business ID #: 602 526 713 Business ID #: 1 Expires: 09-31-2014 Tax Registration Registered trade names: KF’s Cupcakes, INC.

  7. Effective date of business • I plan on opening my business, KF’s Cupcakes, on June 15, 2013.

  8. Company mission statement / vision • We intend to provide our customers with the best cupcakes made from scratch that come with many flavors from different spices and ingredients exported from all over the world and of course, the best hospitality. We want to our customers to feel more than satisfied with our service.

  9. Company location • KF’s Cupcakes will be located on 3301 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20007

  10. Immediate development goals • I expect to gain out of the business, at a minimum, $1000 dollars monthly. • To make cupcake arrangements for any type of events

  11. Industry Analysis

  12. Description of industry • KF’s Cupcakes will be up and running with I, KosetFabrias, and my co-worker, Jessica Diaz, handling the business on our own. It started off as a family business but it was handed to me by my mother. We will sell cupcakes, coffee and provide exquisite service with our top notch crew!

  13. Trends and opportunities within the industry. • Opportunities within the business are: • improving my business • baking cupcakes and making arrangements for celebrities or tv shows

  14. Target Market

  15. Profile • Kf’s cupcakes was a family business until it was handed down to KosetFabrias whom later made Jessica Diaz the co-founder. It started off as a small shop but now it has many locations around the United States. This is our 3rd store that we plan to open.We’ve done cupcakes for many worldwide known people, businesses and events.

  16. Needs As a company, we need workers who will be available to work everyday except Sundays. We will obviously need to hire or make a deal with some sort of business that has to do with baking supplies to be able to get our machines and products.

  17. Competition

  18. Key competitors Kf’s Cupcakes key competitors are • Mik’s Bakery • Katerina’s Cakes all 3 businesses are around the same location which obviously is a huge factor in why they’re my competition. I’ve seen their work before and it’s great, but I think I’ll manage to flourish my company.

  19. Analysis of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses • Mik’s bakery has delicious sweets, great machinery and their creativity is fantastic but they’re not very known through out the city. • Katerina’s Cakes has outstanding service and they are very known for their work but there isn't a plethora of Katerina’s Cakes like my business. So I have an advantage that her business does not.

  20. Potential future competitors • Carlos Bakery is a very famous cake shop from New Jersey but there has been rumors that he has been wanting to establish a new store in Dc. If he does, this will be a huge competition because even though we’ve both been on television and magazines, it all depends on the customers and what they want. Pretty unpredictable.

  21. Operations

  22. Business facility description • Our machinery is from Canada • Shop is located in the city of DC. 3301 M Street NW. Washington, DC 20007 • lease for 2 years. Expires June 15th 2015. • I don’t have any environmental concerns except that it’s an extremely busy city.

  23. Workforce defined • Workers can range from ages: 17 and up. • those who work with baking the cupcakes and making the arrangements will stay up at the shop longer than others and due to that, have more hours.

  24. Technology • We have computers in which you write the order and it simply goes straight to the computer at the top floor, in which the cupcakes/arrangements are made and then is delivered back to the first floor to the customer.

  25. Management and Organization

  26. Key employees • KosetFabrias- owner/ founder • Jessica Diaz- co-founder • Michael- delivery man • Maria- Main cashier • Dan- baker • Lina- baker

  27. Recruitment plan • the shop will open June 15 2013. • In 10 years, I hope to see my shop flourish and have a huge business with many other companies all over the world. • I want the shop to do many charity work or charity events and help fundraise for any case as well.

  28. Compensation and incentives • The workers will be able to have a 15% off any sale. • when it’s their birthday, they’ll get a birthday special for free. • once a worker has reached a certain amount of hours working in the past month, they’ll get a weekend off.

  29. Long term goals

  30. Goals identified • hope to have a bigger business • help in many fundraisers and charity cases • be one of the best cupcake shops ever • be shown on television doing what we do best with our utensils

  31. Means for achieving the goals identified • If it means having to work all night, then it will be done.We’ll do anything to reach the top and have the best cupcakes in Washington DC.

  32. Financials

  33. Type of accounting system • The way my business will be keeping track of the receipts and records is through a specialized computer that gets all the records and information from an order because of a copy sent from the computer made to create the orders.

  34. Supporting documents

  35. Licenses

  36. Advertising

  37. Letters • “Love KF’s Cupcakes service! They are truly humble and caring to their customers and their cupcakes are the best in town all around! I take an hour drive just for them! Thank you.” • Maria, Washington DC. “KF’s Cupcakes is such a traditional place to go to in my family! Every event we do, we must get their cupcake arrangements! Their work is amazing and their catering as well.” -Nick, Washington DC.