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Environmental Awareness Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Environmental Awareness Program

Environmental Awareness Program

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Environmental Awareness Program

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  1. Environmental Awareness Program ENVIRONMENTAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE (EAC) 2010 Promoting and Fostering Environmental Awareness across our beautiful Township

  2. EAC Background • Spring/2009 -Township motion to create EAC • September 2009 – EAC established • Held meetings September, October & now quarterly - brainstorm ideas, focus and priorities • Areas of Focus • Develop/promote environmental awareness with local ratepayer/cottage groups • Waste Management – Reduce, Re-use, Recycle • Create and leverage website for sharing of information and awareness( )

  3. Volunteer Committee • Bill Lee • Cris Figueira • Janin Pugh Robertson • Rob Arkell ( joined April 2010 ) • Rob Stavinga - Kawartha Conservation • Peter Franzen (councillor) - Vice Chair • Peter Raymond - Chair

  4. EAC Milestones • Oct-Nov/2009 Solicit support and partnerships with Peterborough County- Environmental Services, Peterborough Greenup/Lakeland Alliance • Feb 20/2010 HERITAGE DAY, at Buckhorn Community Centre, share booth with Peterborough County Environmental Services

  5. 2010 Awareness Program The Environmental Advisory Committee(EAC) is looking to establish ongoing two way dialogue with local Ratepayer/Cottage Associations and assign advocates / ambassadors across the Township to share/solicit information. This is an opportunity to share common challenges and solutions and have a forum for a united voice that will provide EAC input on setting areas of focus and priorities going forward. • MAY 15 Buckhorn Lake Estates Community • JUN 6 Crystal Lake Cottagers Galway & Area Ratepayers Assoc’s • JUN 19 Oak Shores Estate Community • JUN 26 Cavendish Community Ratepayers Association • AUG 14 Big Bald Lake Cottagers Association • TBC Alpine Village/Pirates Glen Associations

  6. ECO Partners • Peterborough County - Environmental Services • Peterborough Green-Up • Lakeland Alliance

  7. Associations • Alpine Village/Pirates Glen Associations Pigeon Lake • Big Bald Lake Association Big Bald Lake • Buckhorn Lake Estates Community Buckhorn Lake • Cavendish Community Ratepayers AssociationBeaver, Cavendish, Catchacoma, Gold, McGinnis, Mississagua Lakes • Crystal Lake Cottagers Association Crystal Lake • Galway & Area Ratepayers Association Fortescue, Salmon, White Lakes • Oakshores Estate Community Association Little Bald Lake

  8. Ten Ways to Reduce Greenhouse Gases • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle • Use Less Heat and Air Conditioning • Replace Your Light Bulbs • Drive Less and Drive Smart • Buy Energy Efficient Products • Use Less Hot Water • Use the “OFF” Switch • Plant a Tree • Get an Energy Audit of Your Home • Encourage Others to Conserve

  9. Be a Good Lake Steward(source Lakeland Alliance ) • Remember what goes on your property and into your drain eventually finds its way into the lake, so avoid the use of harsh cleaners, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers • When planning construction project along the shoreline, consult the Dept Fisheries & Oceans Canada - Operational Statements to reduce disturbance to aquatic habitat, and contact your local Conservation Authority, Ministry of Natural Resources, Trent-Severn Waterway or Municipal County & Township planning departments • Keep your speed under 10kn/h whenever you are within 30 meters of the shore and be careful with oil and gas when filling boat tanks and emptying bilge water • Clean and inspect your boat before moving it to other lakes to control the spread of invasive species • Protect your shoreline from erosion, Canada geese and runoff by maintaining or planting a buffer zone of native vegetation – don’t mow to the water’s edge!

  10. Be a Good Lake Steward- continued • Enhance biodiversity on your property by leaving rock piles, fallen tree limbs and brush piles untouched so they can function as wildlife habitat • Encourage native species of flowers, shrubs and trees to limit your maintenance work and provide shelter to local wildlife species • The water that you drink is precious! Practice water conservation inside and outside your cottage/home and have your drinking water tested regularly • Maintain your septic system by booking regular pump outs and inspections • Consider the future of your lake property – initiate a lake management plan or leave a legacy by protecting your land with the help of local land trust

  11. Thank You • Please visit our website for ongoing sharing and awareness on local environmental matters: