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Cross border entrepeneurship

Cross border entrepeneurship. Thorben Beitlich , Nina Abramowski , Miranda Smid, Christopher Kemmereit. Table of contents. BBS Jever/ Alfa -college Trip to Bürgerhaus Schortens Trip to Dorf Wangerland Walk at the North Sea Presentation Summary Questions /Feedback.

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Cross border entrepeneurship

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  1. Cross border entrepeneurship ThorbenBeitlich, Nina Abramowski, Miranda Smid, Christopher Kemmereit

  2. Table ofcontents • BBS Jever/Alfa-college • Trip to Bürgerhaus Schortens • Trip to Dorf Wangerland • Walkatthe North Sea • Presentation • Summary • Questions/Feedback

  3. BBS Jever/Alfa-college • Class from Groningen, Hoogeveen and Malta visits B7WIN1 at BBS Jever • Students travelled to Jever in Friesland to experience a different culture, meet new people and places • The Dutch students spend 3 days in a youth hostel

  4. Trip to Bürgerhaus Schortens • A part of the group went to the Bürgerhaus in Schortens to learn about marketing, export, the development of Jade Bay and its process • After listening to two different presentation, one in German and one in English, the group got to watch a meeting of the District of Friesland

  5. Trip to Dorf Wangerland • The marketing of vacation park near the North Sea • The owner is Hennie van der Most, a big Dutch business man • He bought an old military casern and remodeled the place into a big park with hotel, horeca and events( bowling, horseback riding, pool tables and running field ) • Each room had an old but interesting atmosphere

  6. Walkatthe North Sea • After lunch the whole group of student went to walk at the beach in Hooksiel and enjoyed the sunny afternoon and windy weather

  7. Presentation • The students made poster presenting their trips and their experiences of the day • When they finished they presented to each other and gave feedback

  8. Summary • Our tips and tops: • Some talks were too long to concentrate on • Involve students more at presentations • More free time and not too much pressure • A lot of gained experience • Interesting travels • Meeting new people and the culture

  9. Questions/ Feedback • Are thereanyquestions? • Do youhavefeedbackforus?

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