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The Royal Suites of King West Village The Investor Series PowerPoint Presentation
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The Royal Suites of King West Village The Investor Series

The Royal Suites of King West Village The Investor Series

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The Royal Suites of King West Village The Investor Series

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  1. The Royal Suites of King West Village The Investor Series

  2. Downtown Toronto is in high demand and will continue to grow! • People want to live downtown. This demand is fueled not just by immigration but by lifestyle changes of younger generations • Prices for detached and freehold properties are rising so rapidly that condo living will be the only affordable option for downtown living

  3. 2011 Census • The city has 2.6 million residents. (The 5th most populous city in North America) • The GTA’s population is projected to increase by more than 44 per cent — to 9.2 million people — over the next 25 years. • The first results of the 2011 census show the Toronto has seen explosive growth. • The census echoes what everyone’s been saying: • Toronto has gone vertical.

  4. Growing up By the numbers $15 billion: Expected cost of gridlock per year by 2031 (Board of Trade) 9.2 million: Projected GTA population in 2036 (Ministry of Finance) 25: Number of urban growth centres in Greater Golden Horseshoe Region 70% + : Number of people living in buildings of at least 13 storeys, in Downtown Toronto and other intensified areas within the city

  5. The 'Manhattanization' of Toronto • 83.4% of people in New York City live in Condos or Apartment Buildings. • In Toronto, prices for single detached homes and townhomes are projected to go up 30% to 50% in the next decade. • Condo living is sure to be the default housing option for those who want to remain in the Downtown Core

  6. From Toronto Life Magazine Quoted: Condo mogul Brad Lamb thinks Toronto will soon be exactly like New York “If you want to live in central Toronto, you’re going to have to live in a condo. Families will be forced to buy into high-density living. It’s the natural evolution of a city.”

  7. Who Is Buying Toronto Condos? • Affluent immigrants and foreign investors are lining up with the traditional buyers that include: empty nesters, boomers, and young professional couples and individuals

  8. Toronto VS. The World Just how expensive—or not—is it to buy a condo in Toronto? The city sits at No. 15 out of 94 on the Global Property Guide’s ranking of the World’s Most Expensive Cities, based on average U.S.-dollar prices per square foot of centrally located condominiums (assuming a 550 square feet—one-bedroom unit): Price in Toronto: $385,000 CHEAP compared to… Monaco$3,056,270 London $1,194,000 Hong Kong $839,000 Tokyo $658,000 New York $615,000

  9. Toronto's new condo mix • Condos seem to be getting smaller not bigger

  10. From The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business: “Condos have become the de facto new rental supply,” says consultant Barry Lyon. That supply is much more expensive than old rental high-rises. Lyon and other analysts say that renters typically pay 50% more for a new condo unit than they would on rent for a comparable apartment in an aged building.