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Is a travel insurance worthwhile? PowerPoint Presentation
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Is a travel insurance worthwhile?

Is a travel insurance worthwhile?

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Is a travel insurance worthwhile?

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  1. Is a travel insurance worthwhile? travel Tips

  2. The Germans in general are known as travel world champions, but only very few travelers worry about a travel insurance. Who is carefree and thinks it can happen and nothing, should think again. Medical expenses abroad, especially outside the EU, can be really expensive. In this article we have put together the most important items on travel insurance.

  3. Do you really need a foreign health insurance? Unfortunately, there are still too many of the travelers who are in the belief that abroad or abroad, the legal or private health insurance for any treatment costs. However, this is not the case and in the worst case can lead to momentous consequences. Yes, it is true that you are generally insured through the statutory health insurance and the corresponding health insurance card in the EU, or in countries with which a social security agreement has been concluded. However, this only applies to inpatient and outpatient emergency treatment, even up to a certain proportion, as with the same treatment at home. This means that you are left with most of the costs. In addition, the return flight of a patient is generally not paid by the statutory health insurance companies - which can also be expensive. For example, the ambulance flight from Mallorca costs about 10,000 € and from Australia or Asia even more than 100,000 €. A foreign health insurance exists for less than 10 € per year and should be concluded in the opinion of experts necessarily. Even insured persons should inform themselves before their departure exactly which services are provided in the case of the cases of their insurance.

  4. Ultimately, in the worst case, this can mean that you have to shell out most of the costs incurred. Return flights from abroad, for example, are not paid by the statutory health insurance . The repatriation with the help of a patient transport flight can be really expensive - If you need a repatriation from Mallorca, then just make it easy € 10,000. Repatriations from Australia or Asia can cost as much as € 100,000 or more. Not only statutory, but also private health insurance companies do not pay for these costs in most cases if no additional insurance has been taken out.

  5. 2. What does the European Health Insurance Card cover in the event of illness? On the back of the health insurance card is the so-called EHIC ( European Health Insurance Card ). It is valid throughout the EU, but also in countries such as Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia, Lichtenstein, Iceland, Norway and Macedonia. In case of illness one gets access to the basic medical care in the mentioned countries. However, sick repatriations will not be taken over. It is therefore recommended to conclude an additional health insurance.

  6. 3. Which benefits should a foreign health insurance cover? A foreign health insurance should definitely cover the costs of the following items: Examinations by a doctor in both outpatient and inpatient treatment Transfer of costs for medicines and bandages and medicines Hospitalization, patient transport to the clinic and operations Return of the patient or patients from abroad to home. When transporting the patient back, however, pay attention to the following wording in the completed insurance policy - "Medically acceptable and reasonable". Be sure to pay attention to this clause.

  7. 4. Should one also take out a travel cancellation insurance? If you plan your vacation with babies or toddlers or the trip may be particularly expensive, then the conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance isrecommended . If you have to cancel your Uralub because of unforeseen events, cancellation fees will be charged. This one gets, however, if a cancellation insurance has completed, again refundable. Before concluding travel cancellation insurance, make sure that you include the services included in the policy. You should definitely give up on insurance with deductible. With such clauses, you may have to pay for up to 20% of the travel price out of pocket. Therefore, opt for a travel cancellation insurance, which accepts up to 100% of the cancellation fees.

  8. 5. Is a baggage insurance useful? Again, there is, according to consumer associations, a clear judgment - no. Travel baggage insurance is relatively expensive and thus represent a rather unnecessary cost factor. Furthermore, there are many providers too many unnecessary clauses and requirements in the end to be reimbursed at all an amount. Thanks For watching For more travel tips visit