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APeX Data - IDR Integration and MyResearch – An Update

APeX Data - IDR Integration and MyResearch – An Update . March17, 2011. Douglas Berman Research Program Manager, Electronic Health Record Douglas.Berman@ucsfmedctr.org Sandeep Giri Senior Product Manager, Academic Research Systems Sandeep.Giri@ucsf.edu Opinder Bawa

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APeX Data - IDR Integration and MyResearch – An Update

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  1. APeX Data - IDR Integration and MyResearch – An Update March17, 2011 Douglas Berman Research Program Manager, Electronic Health Record Douglas.Berman@ucsfmedctr.org Sandeep Giri Senior Product Manager, Academic Research Systems Sandeep.Giri@ucsf.edu OpinderBawa Chief Technology Officer Opinder.Bawa@ucsf.edu

  2. Agenda • APeX Data – IDR Integration Update and Timeline • MyResearch Improvement Outline • Q&A • Next Steps

  3. APeX – IDR Integration 3

  4. Connecting APeX Data to the IDR • Epic and IT team have agreed on an approach for bringing Epic information into IDR • APeX Data will be transformed and loaded into IDR • Draft ready for estimates for cost and timing of including APeX data into the IDR, will be refined over next few weeks

  5. APeX Information Flow-Clinicians to Researchers Epic Production Server (Chronicles Caché) Patient care Clarity (Microsoft SQL Server) IDR Shadow Server MyResearch (Data Marts / Ontologies) • Operational and financial reports • Government- mandated reporting Research

  6. IDR and Clarity Environments • Operational, financial and government mandated reporting will occur out of Epic’s Operational Data Store ‘Clarity’, research users will work in IDR • Epic-provided reports and custom report development in ‘Clarity’ are expected to be a significant part of APeX implementation • After operational data is brought into IDR, we need to develop data marts, views, user training and support to make data accessible and easier to use

  7. IDR will Conform to i2b2 • i2b2 (Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside) • NIH-funded National Center for Biomedical Computing based at Partners HealthCare System • Scalable informatics framework; enables clinical researchers to use existing clinical data for discovery research • When combined with IRB-approved genomic data, facilitates design of targeted therapies for individual patients with diseases having genetic origins • Currently enjoys wide international adoption by the CTSA network, academic health centers, and industry • Institutions with Epic and i2b2 • UC Davis • Kaiser Permanente • University of Pennsylvania • Stanford • University of Rochester • U W

  8. Proposed Data Access Categories in IDR • De-Identified Data / Limited Data Sets • Available for cohort selection • Requires MyResearch account • Identified Data • Requires CHR approval for named data sets and also usage • Differential usage or change of scope requires new approval • “Finance” Data • Requires another approval beyond CHR • Need to establish governance body

  9. Proposed Policy on Use of Data • Access to UCSF data is provided to departments and individuals for identified clinical-, business- and research-related purposes as approved by medical center and campus administration • We allow minimally necessary access to sensitive data when it is required for authorized activities • Need clear agreements, policies and procedures for data access and governance • Data User Agreement • Access is restricted to users who are trained in the meaning and appropriate use of data • Unauthorized use or redistribution of data outside of approved uses or to unauthorized parties is not permitted • may result in loss of data access privileges • other disciplinary action ???

  10. Proposed Project Timeline – Phase 1

  11. Phase 1 Scope and Deliverables • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Medical Center regarding data use • APeX data is available in I2B2 to trained and certified users • Initial full load of APeX data to IDR • Automated daily loads • Data security and governance for APeX data in IDR • Basic and advanced user training defined and prepared • Key data views or marts mapped • Patient Information: Demographics, Vital Stats, Insurance, Household size, income • Clinical Information: Encounter, Disposition/Discharge, Diagnosis, Procedures, Labs, Medications, Radiology • Process for creating and reviewing additional views • Documentation / Training / Support

  12. Phase 1 Tentative Resources and Budget • ~725 Person Days • Total Cost: ~$600K + Hardware/Software Costs TBD • Will be refined over next 1-2 weeks

  13. Phase 1 Risk Factors • Overbooked resources • Preferable resources assigned on other projects • Will we be able to reallocate? • Dependency on APeX launch dates • Project assumes data availability on April 1st and October 1st • Any APeX schedule change has an impact • Refinements • Technical task designs will get refined over implementation • Design changes have an impact

  14. MyResearch Improvements 14

  15. MyResearch Today Applications: Atlas.ti SAS, STATA Cohort Selection Tool MyResearch File and Document Tools 2010 MS Office Applications

  16. MyResearch Improvements Synchronized with APeX-IDR Launch • User Feedback from Survey • Didn’t know it existed • Takes too long to get an account • Difficult to use (“where are my files?”) • Does not have all the data/tools I need • Short Term Fix: Usability! • Automated Provisioning System: quicker process to get on • Task-Oriented User Interface • Streamlined document sharing • Brand launch as “MyResearch 2.0” or “Next Generation” • Synchronize with APeX-IDR integration phase 1 release • Improved UI + New data + Automated feeds

  17. MyResearch Future Phases • New Tools • Better Reporting and Data Visualization (Cognos?) • Easier Document Sharing + Portal (Liferay+Alfresco?) • R? Filemaker Pro? • More Self-Serve Ability to Create Specialized Research Data Marts • Core Data Feed from IDR • Combined with Other Data Feeds Specific to Research • Integrate data from REDCap • Establish Long Term Roadmap and Engage Users in Process

  18. IDR & My Research – Big Picture Business Intelligence Data Warehousing Replica Source Systems End User Tools Data Warehouse Epic SAS, STATA, SPSS, I2b2 Work Bench (DET), Alias.ti, Enterprise Architect Epic MyResearch Portal Audit DB / IDR Terminal Servers Extract, Transfer UCare UCare STOR Will be replaced by Epic Worx Flowcast SGD Web top ED MAR Apollo CoPath Alfresco Siemens Radiology Will have interfaces to bring data into Epic IDXrad Misys Proxy process and Load CTMS Transplant CTMS? Transplant? LPPI EMR REDCap VA Cancer Registry VA Cancer Registry Kaiser Axium Kaiser Axium Cognos BI TSI PICIS TSI PICIS SFGH SFGH LPPI EMR LPPI EMR

  19. MyResearch Improvement Next Steps • Requirements gathering and prioritization • Steering Committee • Focus Groups • Resource Requirements, Project plan, and Budget • Present project plan + estimates at next steering committee meeting • Synchronize first release with APeX-IDR project launch

  20. Questions/Answers 20

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