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  1. NF NEWS

  2. Opening

  3. Dyeing steamed bread

  4. Dyeing steamed bread • Food safety supervisor said the workshop in Wenzhou was suspected of producing thousands of steamed buns containing illegal yellow coloring every day for the past two months. Some of the tainted steamed buns were supplied to a local school. If you want to eat roughage ,they add lemon yellow.If you want flour ,they add brightener.Even If you want it bigger,they can add raising agent.All above are already an open secret in those workshop. Eating these additive for a long time may accumulate in our body,which may cause various disease.

  5. Illegal cooking oil

  6. Illegal cooking oil • The illegal cooking oil is usually obtained from discarded kitchen waste which will be refined, the report said, eating the oil, which contains much toxic and carcinogenic(致癌的)substance called aflatoxin(黄曲霉毒素), can cause cancer.

  7. Lean meat powder

  8. Lean meat powder • Shuanghui Group’s products has been suspended since March 16, one day after China Central Television reported the Group's subsidiary in Jiyuan City, Henan, used pork tainted with the fat-burning drug clenbuterol(克仑特罗)in its products. Clenbuterol is a chemical that can be fed to pigs to make them produce lean meat. The chemical is poisonous to humans and is banned as an additive in stock feeding in China.

  9. Poisonous milk

  10. Poisonous milk • A national school milk program intended to improve children's health has soured again?On Friday morning, 251 children at Yuhe Town Central Primary School in Yulin, Shanxi province, fell ill after drinking school milk produced by the Mengniu Dairy Group. They were sent to hospital for treatment, and were all discharged by the following day.

  11. Plasticizer

  12. Plasticizer • DEHP can break hormone balances and even cause cancer, much worse than melamine (三聚氰胺 ) • In Taiwan, plasticizer DEHP was first found popularly used in food and drink manufacturing industry to substitute more expensive emulsifier like palm oil. • In Mainland China, the State Food and Drug Administration announced that some food flavors, butter substitute and baked goods, made in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces were found to contain DEHP.

  13. Interview Government officials

  14. Interview Experts

  15. Exclusive attitude

  16. Exclusive attitude • Phenomenon • Reasons: • rapid economic evolution. • ignore moral education. • lack of adequate regulation and punishment.

  17. Exclusive attitude • Measures: • launch a massive moral campaign to educate. • draw up tougher laws. • prohibit those irresponsible corporations from entering the food industry again.

  18. Summary

  19. Food safety problem is not a simple problem which should be paid more attention to by our government and our people. We sincerely hope the government can take some useful measures to solve the problem of food safety.

  20. Thank you for watching ——Grade one class three of Business Adminnistration