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Create Sponsorship Value

Create Sponsorship Value

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Create Sponsorship Value

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  1. Create Sponsorship Value Chapter 9

  2. Sports Marketing Agency Panel • The following discussion questions are prepared for members of a sports marketing agency panel to discuss in front of the class. • Alternately, students could be assigned to interview individuals employed at sports marketing agencies to determine how they help build value for sponsors.

  3. Media Strategies Panel Members: From the sponsors or companies you work for, provide examples of media plans that incorporate sports marketing sponsorships. • PowerPoint or other presentations are welcome!

  4. How important is signage and media exposure to sponsors? Can you provide examples of some sponsors that place more or less value on getting the most eyeballs to see & recognize the sponsorship? Media Valuation

  5. How (often) do sponsors determine the dollar value they place on media offered by the property? Signage Print media guides Programs In-game spots Promotions Sponsored games/events Media Value Program ad

  6. Types of program ad spreads Source: TV Guide

  7. Hospitality • How important is the hospitality component to the sponsors you work with? • Why or why not? • How do they utilize hospitality to reach the firm’s objectives? • Are you aware of any that attempt to measure the ROI on hospitality? • FYI, UPS calculates the incremental effects of the use of hospitality on relationships (viz., sales) with clients.

  8. Measuring Value For a specific sponsoring company, such as Hilton Hotels or other examples provided, what is the sponsor’s objective in terms of the hierarchy of effects? AwarenessInterestPreferenceLikingTrialAdoption

  9. Do any of the sponsors you work with measure awareness or recall of the sponsorship? If so, do you know how they measure it? Unaided Recall: “When you think of companies that provide ________ services (products), what is the first brand that comes to mind?” Measuring awareness & recall

  10. Measuring Aided Recall

  11. How important is activation to the sponsors? What steps do they take to make sure the brand is activated in the minds of fans? Activation Is Prominently displayed at the event. Provides memorable game day Activities. Communicates ways fans can do business with them Enlightens and informs fans about their products/services. Stands out among other sponsors of the property. Measuring Activation

  12. Think of the sponsors’ brands that are clearest in the minds of fans. What have they done to make the brand concrete & distinct to fans? Conversely, how have brands failed to stand out as sponsors? Steps to Affinity Transfer Affinity Transfer Commitment to brand leads to purchase. The concrete and distinct brand image translates into greater commitment to the brand. Activation and attribution makes the brand seem more concrete and distinct in the minds of fans. Fans attribute benefits they receive from consuming game media or game attendance to the sponsor. Identified fans are exposed to sponsorship through media and/or attendance.

  13. Measuring Affinity Transfer • Brand commitment (as well as other brand attributes) can be compared between those in the market who are exposed to the sponsorship & those who are not. • Assuming otherwise equal exposure to the brand’s communications, the difference in the level of brand commitment between the two groups (e.g., those who attend or watch games vs. non-fans) provides the value of the sponsorship. • Results can be broken down by levels of identification/involvement with the team.