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HSPM presentation 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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HSPM presentation 2014

HSPM presentation 2014

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HSPM presentation 2014

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  1. HSPMpresentation 2014

  2. Mission statement: We want to make secure cost saving print management easy for your company The company:Ubiquitech was founded in 2004. The company develops, produces and delivers cost-efficient, secure, user-friendly intelligent print management solutions based on open platform. The solutions are based on the unique, award winning Ubiquitech printing systems. Ubiquitech has 10 years market experience and technical knowledge. We have experience from many projects with flexible high-end solutions to the financial market, governmental organizations and many other industries. Company headquarters is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.Ubiquitech is working in partnership with some of the world’s leading IT and printer manufacturers. Company Overview

  3. Print – part of IT infrastructure IT Print Network

  4. Support Organization Central managed from Denmark • 3 highlyskilled support engineers (closelyconnected to Development) • Trac system (ticket system) • Remote access to customer • On site if needed (together with partner)

  5. Ubiquitech Matrix development organisation 7 engineers - Managed from Denmark Subcontractors in: • India • Italy • USA Only ”One” software Developed in modules on Open Platform EasyConfigurable Software Development

  6. Development UBIQUITECHSoftware Design Process Definition Phase 1 Planning Phase 2 Design Phase 3 Test Phase 4 Release Phase 5 PRD PDD R&D QA Plan Arc. Draft Design Test specification and reportdoc R&D QA plan updated Test report, RC SW Test report, PR SW QA plan update Release note Archive checklist Build info Product Requirement Document. Project Planning Product Roll out activities Quality Plan Project Management Ticket Design Spec’s Proof Of Conc. Architect. Design Spec. Release Cand. Customer testing Tech. Rev. Beta rel. RC PR PR rel. Release Note Archive Project Lessons Learned Gate 1 Review Gate 2 Review Gate 4 Review Gate 5 Review

  7. Development UBIQUITECHSupport and Software Change Process Customer or InternalRequest Pipeline Ticket Implement Changes Test Changes Release Product Yes Support Request Defect Enhancement Accepted ? New Ticket Evaluate Request No TRAC Ticketrecord Close Ticket

  8. Development UBIQUITECHDesign and Test Levels Requirement Activity Verification Customer Approval Product Requirement Document Verification Reviews Gate 4 Review (Validation) Specification & Function Production Test Pilot Test, Candidate Test System Design SW Integration SW Module Module Test Module Design Source file Implemen- tation Code Reviews

  9. Partner Sale • Print Management Solutions: • Ubiquitech have today approx. 300 customer solutions in operations - approx. 600.000 users – primary on Linux platform. • Sales Chanel: • Ubiquitech are selling globally via partners within Print & IT business. • South America, USA and Canada • Europa • Middle East • Scandinavian – Primary Denmark and Sweden

  10. Organisation Customer New/More Bizz Reseller Operation Support Sale/ Presale Delivery MPiTech IBM

  11. EASY – Small and Medium customer EASY is a server-based out of the box print management solution for Small and Medium business. VDMS - Large and Enterprise customer VDMS is a server-based solution for large business- and Enterprise customers HSPM – Enterprise customer HSPM (High Volume Secure Print Management) Public Print solution Payment solution to: Libraries, Airports, Hotels etc. Products

  12. Pull printing  Push printing Cloud printing Failover Fallback Embedded clients Card Swipe Finger Scan Hardware terminals Job Accounting LDAP Integration  SSL encryption  Print rules  Client Billing  Print Payment solution  MultiDomainMonitor Mobile Printing Facility Features & Options

  13. Area of Competition

  14. 2008: Increasing wide area network capacities made centralization of print possible – still on Microsoft print servers The story of printing… Print handled centrally from mainframe By the end of the eighties print was handled by Microsoft printservere, working decentrally 2012: Central print from mainframe is now again possible through the mainframe’s incomparable performance From 1959 and 20-30 years forward IBM dominated the market for print, e.g. By the 1401 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 2020

  15. ELS advantage MF All Stability & Performance Savings Pull Print from Host Environment Pull Print – Tracking, accounting, reporting, security, rulesetc.

  16. The solution inside ELS Formatting print job Formatting print job

  17. Easy implementation- and seedless maintenance 2) When the user swipes her card at the MFP of choice, the ELS recognizes the type of printer. In this case a Ricoh MFP 3) A Ricoh Print Definition File together with the generic CUPS-driver formats the print job for the Ricoh MFP • One and the same driver installed at every workstation • Since the users identifies themselves at printers (by swiping) no relations between print queues and users need to be set up • No print drivers are to be handled and only a handful of Print Definitions Files are to be maintained on ELS • All brands and types of printers can be handled in the solution 4) The job is printed at the Ricoh MFP 1) The only thing installed on users workstation is a generic driver (Linux CUPS-driver) When the user prints the print job it is preformatted and stored on holding queue on ELS The solution also takes the heavy print load off the Citrix environment

  18. Ubiquitech HSPM- Intelligent Print Management • Secure printing going from Push to Pull printing • Savings on number of printers • Rules for Black/White-printing and Duplex • Savings on paper, toner • Users pull print jobs from printer giving • No lost prints • No problems with printers out of order • Easy handling of users and print queues

  19. Large Business and Governmental areas: • Typical regional main offices and many local offices • Centrally manage IT infrastructure • Solid network with capacity for consolidation • Heavy print load on host print and officeprint Primary Verticals: • Banking and Finance • Insurance Other Verticals: • Pharmaceutical Industry • Food and beverages • Transportation – Aviation and freight transport • Shipping Customer Profile – HSPM

  20. Existing mainframes world wide 80.000 customers Potential new customers for mainframes 80.000 customers Average Mainframe customer: Number of print servers 10-1.000 MFPs 1.000 Printers 1.500 Employees over 5.000 Solution value Euro 500.000 – 2.500.000 ELS Solutions

  21. Business case ROI

  22. Ubiquitech is unique: Security • Possibility for different levels of security • Encryption – from workstation all way to the printer • Cloud and failover solutions Configurable solutions • Developed in modules and easy configurable • API enables integration, for instance to ERP and Business intelligens • Configure options on the workstation • Configure reports, rules, registration for payment etc. • Mobile printing as an integrated part of the solution Support • High level knowledge Print as an integrated part of the IT solution • Ubiquitech server can run on all platforms: Windows, Linux and Mainframes Only Ubiquitech does not violate Intelligent Print Management Patents • Patents in Europe, US and Hong Kong

  23. THANK YOU.