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Solar Wind

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Solar Wind

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  1. Is Solar wind Harmful or Beneficial to earth ? What does this mean for our future generation? Solar Wind Thiyaneshwaran Thiruvudaiyan Sivanandan Block 4 English 12 5/21/2014

  2. Solar Wind • Solar wind is a phenomenon that occurs when charged particles are released from the solar corona • the residue of nuclear fusion which takes place on the surface of the sun. • They are carried and released from the sun my particle waves known as Alfren waves

  3. Solar wind is not considered to be a major threat. • It is theorized that this astral occurrence can grow in strength and eventually bring destruction to our planet. • In the future it is predicted to be one of the most dangerous phenomenon because the magnetosphere would be destroyed.

  4. Solar wind is actually consists of a charged beam of particles that bombard the earth at 300-900 km/s from the coronal region of the sun. • It does prevent cosmic rays from entering and damaging our solar system but, solar wind itself can disrupt the magnetic field around the earth and possibly damage our atmosphere. • solar wind damages the magnetosphere through expansion, causing it to become thin and weaker.

  5. When multiple occurrences of solar wind merge together they produce a solar storm. • When earth is struck with a solar storm we face problems, toward communications and sometimes we face power outages. • Auroras that can be seen in the north are actually discharging particles of solar wind that are dispersing through light particles.

  6. Solar wind disrupts the magnetic field which in turn disrupts communication frequency on earth. • When the particles hit Earth they discharge forming these light formations as we know as auroras. • It is growing in strength over time

  7. The planetary dynamo effect • At one point in time, in the early ages of the universe, Mars was very much similar to Earth in a way that it also showed signs of life. • At that point in time Mars had magnetosphere as well as an atmosphere • Its existence was cut short due to damage caused by Solar wind.

  8. Solar wind was dangerous in the past, and it is just as injurious to earth in present day. • the influences of solar wind were more severe. • The sun was still young and the flames fanned high, which in turn strengthened the charged particles that formed solar wind.

  9. This idea was based on the fact that the higher temperature of the sun causes stronger fusion to occur on its surface. • This process produces stronger charged particles to be released from the solar corona by an after product that carries solar wind. • These after products are actually Alfren waves, which assist charged particles on the surface of the sun to reach the corona and be launched toward Earth.

  10. Back then, our planet rotated at a faster rate and thereby had a stronger magnetic field. • This further strengthened by Earth’s atmosphere and allowed it to withstand the bombardment of solar storms from the sun’s corona. • Mars’ however did not last; it had rotated at a lesser rate and thereby had a weaker magnetosphere. It could not withstand solar wind.

  11. there is a direct correlation between atmospheric strength and rotational speed of our planet to the strength of our magnetosphere. • After this incident had taken place the remaining heat on Mars escaped, leaving the planet to become cold and desolate as it is now. • If something is not done to strengthen our magnetosphere we along with all other creatures on earth will be facing extinction due to loss of our magnetosphere, which will lead to the destruction of our atmosphere and cause to freeze over.

  12. What Can we do? • It is stated that if we have a stronger atmosphere then we will have a stronger magnetosphere. • If we take the measure to strengthen our atmosphere we will be able to protect Earth from solar wind. • There are many little things we can do to save the planet

  13. We can accomplish this goal through reducing our consumption of fossil fuels. • Taking the bus instead of the car reduces air pollution that destroys our ozone. • Biking is an even more environmentally friendly way of transportation

  14. We need to properly disposing our trash • recycle, reuse, and reduce. • This will minimize the amount of green house gases that reach and eat away at our ozone layer

  15. When air pollution reaches the ozone it destroys Trioxide particles, which make up the ozone. • This is mainly caused by green house gases which eat away our ozone by chemically reacting with trioxide. • When the ozone is weakened we begin to lose heat as well. It is critical for our survival to reduce this pollution.

  16. This in turn will be minimizing factory production levels for items such as plastic bottles. • We live on earth and so we are responsible for taking care of it. • In the end it falls into our hands to save our planet from destruction by solar wind which would cause our planet to freeze over, becoming barren and desolate.

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