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  1. a man of PEACE!

  2. a man of PEACE IN HIS OWN WORDS

  3. Ariel Sharon, a man of PEACE! "I don't know something called International Principles.”

  4. Ariel Sharon, a man of PEACE! "We have the right to demand anything we like from the world. As Jews we do not owe anything to anybody, while the rest of the world owes us a great deal."

  5. Ariel Sharon, a man of PEACE! "I vow that I'll burn every Palestinian child will be born in this area."

  6. Ariel Sharon, a man of PEACE! "With One hit I've killed 750 Palestinians."( in Rafah, 1956)

  7. Ariel Sharon, a man of PEACE! "I vow that if I was just an Israeli Civilian and I met a Palestinian I would burn him and I would make him suffer before killing him."

  8. Ariel Sharon, a man of PEACE! "The Palestinian woman and child is more dangerous than the man, because the Palestinian child existence refers that generations  will go on, but the man causes limited danger."

  9. Ariel Sharon, a man of PEACE! "I wanted to encourage my soldiers by raping Arabic girls as thePalestinian woman is a slave for Jews, and we do whatever we want to her and nobody tells us what we shall do but we tell others  what they shall do."

  10. Ariel Sharon, a man of PEACE! "In Lebanon, there was an agreement not to liquidate Yasser Arafat. In principle, I'm sorry that we didn't liquidate him."

  11. PEACE!

  12. Ariel Sharon, a man of PEACE! • In August 1953, Sharon founded and led the infamous Unit 101, which carried out a series of terror raids across the Israeli borders into refugee camps, villages and Bedouin encampments. That September, he led the Unit 101 in an attack on Bedouins in demilitarized Al Auja (a 145 square km juncture at the western Negev-Sinai frontier), killing an unknown number.

  13. Ariel Sharon, a man of PEACE! • 14 October 1953: Sharon led Unit 101 into an attack on the village of Qibya in Jordan. Under his command, Israeli soldiers moved about in the village blowing up buildings, firing into doorways and windows with automatic weapons and throwing hand grenades, killing 69 civilians (mostly women and children). He later claimed he believed that the demolished houses had been empty of inhabitants, but according to the UN observer who inspected the scene, “One story was repeated time after time: the bullet splintered door, the body sprawled across the threshold, indicating that the inhabitants had been forced by heavy fire to stay inside until their homes were blown up over them.”

  14. Ariel Sharon, a man of PEACE! • In 1955, Sharon was reprimanded for giving logistical support to four young Israelis who took random blood revenge on Bedouins for Arab attacks on Israeli settlements.

  15. Ariel Sharon, a man of PEACE! • 1982 - “Peace for the Galilee.” As Defense Minister Sharon masterminded the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, which he dubbed the “Peace for the Galilee.” In all, this operation killed many thousands of civilians and rendered nearly half a million homeless. On 5 June 1982, he sent tens of thousands of Israeli soldiers across the border to fight their way up the Lebanese coast. They eventually occupied Beirut. Heavy Israeli sea, air and land bombardment devastated a substantial portion of Lebanon. By the end of July, the Lebanese government stated that at least 14,000 people had been killed - over 90% of whom were unarmed civilians - and twice that number seriously wounded. August 12 became known as Black Thursday after a massive artillery barrage lasting some 11 hours killed some 500 Lebanese & Palestinian civilians.

  16. Ariel Sharon, a man of PEACE! • Sabra & Shatila: The slaughter in the camps at Sabra and Shatila took place between 6:00pm on 16 September 1982 and 8:00 am on 18 September, in an area under the control of the Israeli army. Sharon’s troops, having held the camps under siege, allowed Phalangists to enter. Israeli searchlights illuminated the camps, while Israeli army personnel watched through binoculars as the death squads spread unchallenged through the camps. Whole families were murdered, many were raped and tortured before being killed. So many bodies were heaped into lorries and taken away, or buried in mass graves, that the exact toll will never be known, but Palestinian sources estimate at least 2000 people were killed.

  17. zionists PEACERECORD

  18. zionists PEACERECORD

  19. zionists PEACERECORD

  20. zionists PEACERECORD

  21. zionists PEACERECORD

  22. zionists PEACERECORD

  23. zionists PEACERECORD

  24. zionists PEACERECORD And more to come, in order to push the unarmed defenseless Palestinian Arabs to leave their homes

  25. The United Nation Defined ‘terrorism’ & ‘terrorist’ as follows: • A TERRORIST is any person who, acting independently of the specific recognition of a country, or as a single person, or as part of a group not recognized as an official part of division of a nation, acts to destroy or to injure civilians or destroy or damage property belonging to civilians or to governments in order to effect some political goal.

  26. The United Nation Defined terrorism & terrorist as follows: • TERRORISM is the act of destroying or injuring civilian lives or the act of destroying or damaging civilian or government property without the expressly chartered permission of a specific government, thus, by individuals or groups acting independently or governments on their own accord and belief, in the attempt to effect some political goal. If this is how TERRORISM is defined, how then would be defined what the Zionists are doing in Palestine today…

  27. The United Nation Defined terrorism & terrorist as follows: • All war crimes will be considered acts of terrorism. • Attacks on military installations, bases, and personnel will not be considered acts of terrorism, but instead acts by freedom fighters that are to be considered a declaration of war towards the organized government.

  28. but the ISRAELI-AMERICAN Definition is quite different...

  29. Even in times of wars there are rules and forbidden acts... • Never kill women • Never kill children • Never kill old men • Never kill unarmed men • Never kill your enemy if he dropped his weapon • Never burn a green plant • Never kill an animal.

  30. On the contrary the Zionist belief has a very different set of rules regarding us, the “GOYIM”. (Goyim: a Hebrew word that means "Non-Jews")