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BTEC National Diploma in HSC PowerPoint Presentation
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BTEC National Diploma in HSC

BTEC National Diploma in HSC

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BTEC National Diploma in HSC

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  1. BTEC National Diploma in HSC Unit 2 – Equality, Diversity and Rights in HSC Lesson 7

  2. Anti-discriminatory Practice • Anti-discriminatory practice is the main strategy in combating discrimination. It is action taken to prevent discrimination on the grounds of race, class, gender, disability etc. and takes into account how we behave towards other individuals. • All employees in a care setting should promote this practice in the workplace as it is key to combating prejudice, in doing so they are trying to eradicate discrimination and promote equality for service users and for staff.

  3. Anti- discriminatory practice promotion in care • The following care settings are the ones which you should focus on when doing your P5. • Residential care settings such as a shelter, refuge, children's home. • Day care such as day centre for children or the elderly, physiotherapy, advocacy services, • Nursing care such as hospitals, mental health institutions, etc

  4. ADP Promotion • ADP are promoted within the care settings identified through following a set of values which are similar to that of the care value base. • Service providers and service users must ensure that they promote those ideas in order to ensure that ADP does not occur.

  5. What do you think ? • How might ADP be promoted in the HSC field ?

  6. 10 aspects • Ethical principles, • Putting the individual at the heart of service provision, • Providing active support consistent with the beliefs, culture and preferences of the individual, • Mental health support – coping strategies, • Supporting individuals to express their needs and preferences.

  7. 10 aspects ctd… • Empowering individuals, • Promoting individuals rights, choices and well being, • Balancing individuals rights with the rights of others, • Dealing with conflicts, • Identifying and challenging discrimination.

  8. P5 Tips • In order to complete your P5 you will need to create a booklet which will be added to as we go through the various tasks. • For P5, you will need to provide a simple introduction and explanation into the key concepts surrounding the promotion of ADP,

  9. P5 Tips (Structure) • Provide a definition of anti discriminatory practices and how it is promoted through your chosen HSC settings. • Identify/ list the 10 different aspects of anti discriminatory practices promotion which can be used in your HSC setting. • Provide a basic definition/explanation of each and choose 6 which you will explain in context using examples. You will need to focus on a health and social care context and identify relevant legislation.