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  1. CAMP GRADY SPRUCE October 16-18, 2013 camper MEETING October 9, 2013

  2. Getting there • Wednesday– Be at school at 7:30 amwith your gear in the cafeteria. • Cabins will be posted; sit with your cabins and stay there. You will load by cabin. • When called, go to your assigned bus and load your gear. • Pack a sack lunch and drink for Wednesday. • You will eat on the bus – or you’ll have time to eat at camp • Friday– Should arrive around 3:30 pm; Parents please be here for pick up.

  3. WHAT TO BRING • Use the provided list as a guideline • The forecasted weather looks nice!  highs in the lower 70’s, lows mid-50s • Comfortable shoes – areas are slippery • flip flops for shower (optional) • Bring items you can layer • Jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc. • Personal items – label (put in baggies) • Camp not meant for Miss America • Curling irons/flat irons (arrange with chaperone) • 2-3 blow dryers per cabin

  4. WHAT TO BRING • Bring pillow case AND pillow • Pack sleeping bag, sheets, blankets, towels, etc. in large trash bag with name taped on the outside • Allowed 1 other bag and backpack • Bring a water bottle – can refill • No soft drinks please • Can bring a camera but no other electronics – including cell phones • Money for souvenirs (optional)

  5. Camper expectations • Come prepared for camp – physically and emotionally • Be respectful of other campers, all adults and the camp itself (including inhabitants) • Your chaperones are there for you – listen and obey them • Be on time; be focused • Listen on trails; learn from the trails • Have fun!

  6. MAIN camp • Students will stay in cabins with at least 2 chaperones • Each cabin has showers, restrooms, electricity and are heated and/or air. They sleep 16 people each. Cabins within close proximity to teacher’s cabin/clinic Mess Hall nearby – hot meals are served 3 times a day

  7. Daily schedule • At flag pole by 7:50 am – BE ON TIME! • Breakfast starts at 8:00 • Trails 9:00-11:20; Lunch starts at 12:00 • Trails 2:30-5:15; dinner starts at 6:00 • Night Activities from 7:00-9:00 • Lights Out at 9:30 • Must be on timeto all events! • Chaperones must know where you are at all times. If away from the group, must be with a buddy.

  8. trails • Devil’s Island – boat trip/hike island; hear the history and legend of the island • Johnson’s Peak – hike up over 1500 feet to the top and have a great view of lake • Man and the Environment – learning about man’s relationship with Earth • Outdoor Living – how to survive in the wild; build a fire, shelter, etc. • Project Adventure – working as a team to complete fun but difficult tasks

  9. Night time fun • Team building • Star-lab • Hayride • Group games • Skit night Skit night Store

  10. Medicine • Medications – If student takes prescription drugs, these should have already been turned in to Nurse Summers! • Student may NOT keep up with his/her own medicine (including for coughs, headaches, etc.) Forms must also have been returned. • Camp is NOT the time for students to be off medication…please keep them on their normal schedule. • Chaperones will have inhalers and Epipens for those students while on trails.

  11. Nurse/illness • I will be attending camp in Nurse Summers’ place. I will administer medication and handle any illnesses. • I will be able to give Advil, Tylenol, Benadryl and cough drops. Please do not send medicine with your student. • Staff trained for emergencies. • Please do not send them if they have been sick or had a fever within 24 hours of our departure. • If student becomes seriously ill, parents will be contacted to arrange a pick up.

  12. Contact information – Herndon: Lori Jackson, Sharla Prather, Richard Caldwell School: 469-721-8101 They will relay messages to teachers. Teachers will have phones to contact parents if needed. Camp Contact Information (after school hours): Phone:  940-779-3411 

  13. Cabin time Questions? Use this time to get to know your chaperone and your other cabin members. This will be your little family while at camp. Talk about supplies, schedules, any skit ideas you may have, cabin names, wearing matching bandanas, etc., water bottles I can take up any medication at this time.