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Bishop Grady Villas

Bishop Grady Villas

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Bishop Grady Villas

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  1. Bishop Grady Villas

  2. Mission • Bishop Grady Villas provides community and residential supports for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities of all faiths. Professional staff members assist each individual in obtaining his or her potential for personal and spiritual growth and independence.

  3. Beginnings • Sr. Elizabeth Marie Stoup, SSJ was principal of Morning Star School for children with developmental disabilities in Orlando. • Many parents of children with developmental disabilities were encouraged to place their child with a developmental disability in a State Institution. Sr. Elizabeth helped her students develop beyond what was expected of them. • Unfortunately, Sister saw many of her students graduate only to sit at home, in sheltered workshops or in group homes without stimulation or opportunities for further development. • Sister began to dream of a place where her students and other adults could receive support but also have the opportunity to experience independence and responsibility.

  4. Bishop Grady Villas • Sr. Elizabeth gathered a group of supporters around her to help make her dream a reality. • After 40 years of planning, Sister’s dream began to take shape with a $500,000 donation of land from the Catholic Diocese of Orlando in St. Cloud.

  5. During 2002 - 2003, $6.4 million was donated for the construction of Bishop Grady Villas. $5.6 million from the Catholic churches of the Diocese of Orlando.

  6. Bishop Grady Villas Opens • On January 1, 2004 Bishop Grady Villas opened our doors with 3 residents. • Bishop Grady Villas is licensed as a Standard Assisted Living Facility by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA).

  7. Our Community • Our community includes: • Six Villas • Dorsey Hall (dining hall and multipurpose room) • Administration Center • Woodshop • Vegetable Garden and Plant Nursery

  8. Our Villas • Each Villa is composed of: • 8 individual rooms with private bathrooms • Fully equipped kitchen • Living Room with television and computer with internet access

  9. Our Villas • Individuals who live at Bishop Grady Villas enjoy unlimited free long distance in U.S. and Canada. • Cable and Internet Access in room. • Private space in kitchen for personal food. • Individuals are able to decorate their rooms according to personal taste. • We are within walking distance of shops, restaurants, gyms and churches.

  10. Dining • All individuals are welcome to eat meals in our dining hall or can choose to take their meals in their villas. • There are three options at every meal and all menus are approved by a dietician to ensure they are nutritious and meet individual dietary needs. • Some individuals choose to cook meals in their own homes to enjoy individually or with friends.

  11. AHCA Admissions Criteria • Each resident must be: • At least 18 years of age • Free from signs and symptoms of any communicable disease which is likely to be transmitted to other residents or staff • Able to perform the activities of daily living, with supervision or assistance if necessary

  12. AHCA Admissions Criteria • Each resident must be: • Able to transfer, with assistance if necessary in order to meet residency criteria. The assistance of more than one person is permitted. • Capable of taking his/her own medication with assistance from staff if necessary (residents who require administration may be accepted if the facility has a nurse to provide this service or a licensed third party has been contracted to provide this service to the resident).

  13. AHCA Admissions Criteria • Any special dietary needs can be met by the facility • A resident shall not be a danger to self or others as determined by a physician, or licensed mental health practitioner. • A resident shall not require licensed professional mental health treatment on a 24-hour a day basis. • A resident shall not be bedridden. • A resident shall not have any stage III or IV pressure sore.

  14. AHCA Admissions Criteria • A resident does not require any of the following nursing services: • Oral, nasopharyngeal, or tracheotomy suctioning; • Assistance with tube feeding; • Monitoring of blood gases; • Intermittent positive pressure breathing therapy; or

  15. AHCA Admissions Criteria • Treatment of surgical incisions or wounds, unless the surgical incision or wound and the condition which caused it have been stabilized and a plan of care developed. • 24 hour nursing supervision

  16. AHCA Admissions Criteria • A resident shall not require skilled rehabilitative services defined as including all of the following: • Ordered by an remaining under the supervision of a physician; • Reasonable and necessary to the treatment of a recent or presently existing illness or injury;

  17. AHCA Admissions Criteria • Performed by a physical therapist, occupational therapist certified respiratory care practitioner/therapist; • Required at least five (5) days a week; • Reviewed and reevaluated at least every 30 days by the physician and the physical, occupational therapist or respiratory care practitioner/therapist.

  18. Government Contracts • Agency for Persons with Disabilities • Vocational Rehabilitation • Ticket to Work

  19. Agency for Persons with Disabilities • We are contracted to provide: • Residential Habilitation • Supported Employment • Adult Day Training • Companion Services • Respite

  20. Residential Habilitation • We currently serve individuals at the following levels of care: • Basic • Minimal • Moderate

  21. Division of Vocational Rehabilitation • We are a vendor of: • Supported Employment • Employment Services • Certified Business and Technical Assistance Consultation (CBTAC) – Certified Self-Employment Services

  22. Ticket to Work • We are an Employment Network through Social Security Administration’s Ticket to Work to provide employment services to qualified individuals.

  23. Today • From August 2008 - August 2009, Bishop Grady Villas added 17 new residents (totaling 44), with 4 more scheduled to move in during the next 2 months. • During this same period, Bishop Grady Villas Employment Services provided services to 45 individuals in Osceola County.

  24. Our Philosophy • Our relationship with each individual begins with a process of Discovery, which emphasizes each individual’s strengths and acknowledges those areas that the individual requires additional support. • Through this process the individuals we serve communicate their personal goals and dreams for their futures.

  25. Our Accomplishments • 50% of the individuals we serve are employed competitively in the community at employers like Home Depot, Walt Disney World Resort, Sea World, Albertsons, Publix, McDonalds, and Give Kids the World. • Individuals are always developing cooking, computer, money management, social skills, self-advocacy and independent living skills. • 3 individuals have moved on to a supported living setting.

  26. Our Accomplishments • We try to identify meaningful ways for the individuals we serve to become engaged members of the greater community. • Many of the individuals we serve: • Are members of local churches • Volunteer in the community • Walk to the gym, stores, and local restaurants • Use or are learning to use Public Transportation

  27. The Future • Room for additional services. • Expansion of services into the community • Employment Services • Self-Employment • Supported Living

  28. Challenges • The biggest challenge we face is meeting the “gap” between the fees we receive from government contracts and private fees and the actual cost to provide quality services. • Last year, Bishop Grady Villas provided $230,000 in scholarship assistance to 19 individuals who are the Medicaid Waiver wait list. • We are also challenged by the misperception that we are primarily funded through the Diocese of Orlando’s Catholic Appeal, which is not the case.

  29. Contact Information • Kevin Johnson, Executive Director • Bishop Grady Villas • • (407)892-6078, ext 204