5 tips for designing your fireplace surrounds n.
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5 Tips for Designing Your Fireplace Surrounds PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Tips for Designing Your Fireplace Surrounds

5 Tips for Designing Your Fireplace Surrounds

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5 Tips for Designing Your Fireplace Surrounds

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  1. 5 Tips for Designing Your Fireplace Surrounds

  2. Fireplace Surrounds • Designing your fireplace surrounds for the first time? This can be a little tough so take your time thinking through your options. • Your fireplace is an important focal point in any room. But apart from looking into its aesthetic value, you also need to factor in safety. • The right fireplace design can make any space cozier and more inviting. That said, you’ll want the finished product to be just as how you hoped or even better.

  3. Before you get in touch with natural stone suppliers, here are 5 tips to help you with your fireplace surround design planning.

  4. Consider Granite if you’re going for a Contemporary Look • Granite is a popular choice for fireplace surrounds because of its clean and elegant look. Not to mention, it’s also very easy to maintain. Granite, as a natural stone, comes in unique patterns and designs. It’s also one of the sturdiest stone choices available. • If you are following a contemporary look for your home, consider a granite fireplace surround. But even if you’re not observing this design theme for your home, you can also try granite for your fireplace. If anything, you can have natural stones fabricated to suit your tastes.

  5. Check Quartzite for a Luxurious, Dramatic Feel • Quartzite can be applied in the kitchen or your bathroom and even down to your fireplace surround. The unique colors of quartzite give any room a cool, luxurious feel. • If you are after a visually-striking, leaning on the side of a formal look, then check our quartzite stone choices. They say it’s good to consider your personality as you design your home and for this, quartzite makes a great choice for it effortlessly adds personality to the space.

  6. Look into Marble for a Beautiful, Sleek Look • Like granite and quartzite, marble is another common choice for designing a fireplace. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose the surface to look formal or casual, or be polished or fabricated. • Another advantage of marble is that it’s easy to maintain. It will require regular sealing but other than that, it’s easy to maintain.

  7. Factor in Existing Design Elements • You don’t have to start from square one when designing your fireplace. By looking at design elements that are present in the room, you can start narrowing down your options for your fireplace surround. • Complement works of art displayed in the room or perhaps the rugs or garments you’re using to adorn your furniture. If you have already incorporated particular natural stone materials for other areas of your home, you might want to adopt the same for your fireplace.

  8. Gather Design Ideas Online • Make it easier for you to communicate design ideas you want and don’t want. Look for fireplace surround design inspirations online and save them for showing to your contractor. • This way, you can be confident you and your contractor are both on the same page. Be sure to raise concerns prior construction. It’s easier to adjust plans before the project starts then make changes once materials are already installed in place.

  9. Check these Out! • Designing your fireplace surrounds is easier with a reliable contractor guiding you throughout. They can recommend design plans to fit within your budget. And they can also help you ensure that your fireplace is designed with safety in mind. If you’re interested in using natural stone for your fireplace surround, get started by requesting a custom quote online today. • Brought to you by Universal Marble & Granite. For more info on marble countertops charleston sc, check out:, Universal Marble & Granite can help enhance your home with our custom products such as imported Marble, Granite, Quartz and many other elegant stone products and our expert professional installers.