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Laboratory Impex Systems Ltd PowerPoint Presentation
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Laboratory Impex Systems Ltd

Laboratory Impex Systems Ltd

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Laboratory Impex Systems Ltd

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  1. Laboratory Impex Systems Ltd A Brief Update Jeff Sawyer September, 2012 HPIC Los Alamos, NM

  2. Specialize in the design and manufacture and supply of health physics, radiation protection, and process instrumentation / systems Stand alone monitors (alpha-beta aerosols, liquids, various gases, dose rate) Installed systems Stack sampling and stack monitoring and stack flow measurement Software for compliance monitoring Established in 1976 Laboratory Impex Systems (LIS)

  3. Continuous Monitoring Stations CMS 2 SmartCAM Area Gamma Monitor Alpha/Beta in Air Monitor

  4. Some More News • SmartCAM AB+ passed seismic testing • The Testing was carried out at the Earthquake Engineering Laboratory at Bristol University. • Used a tri-axial vibratory shaker table testing, in accordance with IEEE Std 344-2004, IEEEE Recommended Practice for Seismic Qualification of Class 1E Equipment for Nuclear Power Generating Stations. Testing was carried out in three mutually perpendicular test axes in accordance with IEEE Std 344-2004, Para

  5. CMS-GAMMA Area Monitor Backlit LCD with text and graphics One or Two Detectors GM Detectors can be 1,000 meters away Can use UDI – Universal Detector Interface Variety of Detector Types and Ranges Battery Back up RS-485 or Ethernet communications Relays and two analog outputs Stainless Steel Construction Data accessible via standard Web browser

  6. GM Detector Ranges Standard GM Detectors GDI RANGE (Integrated Electronics, No UDI Required) GDI-1304 0.01 rem/h – 1,000 rem/h GDI-1314 1 mrem/h – 300 rem/h GDI-1324 0.01 mrem/h – 10 rem/h GDI-1202 0.01 mrem/h – 4 rem/h GDI-1301 0.01 rad/h – 1,000 rad/h GDI-1313 0.001 rad/h – 300 rad/h GDI-1321 0.3 mrad/h – 10 rad/h Other Detectors and Ranges Available! UDI used for other detector types

  7. Ion Chamber • ICI-1 Ion Chamber Interface • Current to TTL frequency converter • ICD-1 Ion Chamber • Pressurized Chamber • 5 mR/h to 5,000 R/h • 137Cs live-zero source • 4 µCi or 148 kBq • <10 m cable length

  8. Hot Cell Monitor HC833 Simple, panel mount high range monitor Several different detectors Up to 1,000 R/h Analog, log scale Simple Alarms Relay Outputs Stainless steel housing

  9. Rack-mount Monitoring Systems • 19” rack mount • Complete dose rate or particulate monitoring solution • Network using RS-485 or Ethernet • Key switch and password protected • Simple LCD text display • Remote light panels and audible annunciation

  10. Noble Gas and Radioiodine Standard Skids Particulate detector or pre-filter 2-inches of lead shielding 4π lead shield arrangement Electronics can mount on skid or remotely RS-485 or Ethernet Interface to 9205EMS Data Management System Various types of vacuum pumps available

  11. SmartCAM Continuous Air MonitorAlpha Beta CAM Alpha spectrum analysis with peak fitting algorithm used in differential spectrum Temperature and pressure spectrum stabilization (Patented) Detachable head assembly for remote monitoring Gamma dose-rate sensor (option)

  12. Easy to use, easy to navigate, touch screen display Continuous Display of Concentration (i.e. DAC) by Nuclide Dose (i.e. DAC-h) by Nuclide Sample Flow Integrated Sample Volume Temperature Dose Rate (optional) Pressure SmartCAM Display

  13. Recent Design Changes Upgraded to a more flexible detector cable Now using a more rugged, easier to use connector Added ModBus support (allows ProfiBus) NRTL tested to UL 61010-1/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1 Second Edition: Electrical Equipment for Measurement Control and laboratory Use For more information, see : 47-mm filter in addition to standard cards

  14. Stack Monitor for Positrons Used for compliance monitoring Direct measurement of positron activity Simple interface for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Releases Used with air injection pumps

  15. Vacuum Pumps • Rotary vane pump • Rebuild “annually” • Air injection pump • No moving parts • Quieter and cooler • Compressed air required • About 80 psi and 1 cfm

  16. LIS Cyclotron Installations Seattle Kennewick Minneapolis Rochester Albany Chicago Detroit Hartford Boston East Rutherford Cleveland Columbia Philadelphia New Haven Denver Beltsville Baltimore St Louis Sacramento Charlottesville Las Vegas Winston Salem Albuquerque Memphis Little Rock Knoxville Phoenix Los Angeles Lubbock Atlanta San Diego Birmingham Dallas Augusta Orlando Tampa Fort Lauderdale

  17. Alarm and Data Management System – 9205EMS 9205 – Generic Network Software Package Supports multiple communications protocols Real Time Display of Measured Values Generates and Logs Alarms Accumulates Stack Discharge (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual) Database of results (History) Automated Reports in Word format

  18. Stack Flow Measurement • Pitot tube averages flow across duct • Stainless steel • Proper placement important • DP-2001 Differential Pressure • Calibrated for correct pressure range • 4 to 20 mA Signal to CMS-Pet • Standard Ethernet cable used

  19. Stack Sampling Systems Shrouded probes (1” and 1.5”) Meet ANSI N13.1-1999 Licensed by Texas A&M NQA-1 Quality Assurance Seismic analysis performed Design capability for new applications Gas sampling probes Various mounting flanges used

  20. System Use With Air Cannons • Flow rates cannot be accurately measured after the air cannon because of turbulence • Measuring the concentration prior to the air cannon offers better statistics for lower concentrations • Software can add in the additional air allowing it to report proper release concentration results • Monitoring before the air cannon allows proper measurement and reporting of activity releases

  21. Questions? • Jeff Sawyer • Sales Manager, North America • Cellular: 920-889-2983 • •