commonly made errors n.
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Commonly made errors

Commonly made errors

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Commonly made errors

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  1. Commonly made errors Beware!

  2. Like and As do not Always mean you have a simile • No sunshine like the sky NOT a simile. Nothing is being COMPARED His eyes are blue like the sky. Yes. His eyes are blue as the sky. Yes.

  3. Like and As do not Always mean you have a simile • As if we were important • No COMPARISON is being made The baby’s cries were as important as a fire alarm! Yes.

  4. Get it correct! • The author uses hyperbole in “thundering waterfall of his heart.” • Actually, that is a METAPHOR. • His heart thundered so loudly everyone thought they were hearing a waterfall! Hyperbole • His heart was like a thundering waterfall. Simile

  5. Do not discuss what the Poem does not have! • This poem doesn’t have simile or metaphor. • Well, okay – thanks! What does it have? Alliteration, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, personification, perfect rhyme, internal rhyme, a theme, connotation, etc? • I would not give you a poem without devices. Duh. If you cannot find them – CHOOSE ANOTHER POEM!

  6. Do not explain what the poem “is about” • The end shows a transition from winter to spring and how the ground that told us the story sprouted a flower. • That is like retelling the plot of the story. • Avoid using “us” and “you” • This poem tells us that you can’t store laughter and special occasions. • No

  7. Make sure your personification is really personification • The author uses personification when she says, “the snow engulfed me.” • Not personification because snow CAN engulf someone or something and the act of engulfing is not human. • The author uses personification with “every life has a room.” People are not made of rooms – having a room is not a human characteristic.

  8. Perfection • This poem uses personification when the author says the snowflake, “called its cousins and brothers.” A metaphor is used when she compares herself to a flower at the end of the poem. The tone is playful and uplifting as she observes the snow. The theme is of the changing seasons, winter into spring. I liked the poem because I love to experience the different seasons and could relate to the poet’s observations.