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Cake. Culinary Arts. Wedding Cakes. http://www.flickr.com/photos/weddingcakes/80035360/in/photostream/. Birthday Cakes. www.birthdayexpress.com/bexpress/planning/treasurecake.asp. All occasion cakes. www.cakesforalloccasions.com/gradblu3.htm. Cake Ingredients. Flour – structure

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  1. Cake Culinary Arts

  2. Wedding Cakes http://www.flickr.com/photos/weddingcakes/80035360/in/photostream/

  3. Birthday Cakes www.birthdayexpress.com/bexpress/planning/treasurecake.asp

  4. All occasion cakes www.cakesforalloccasions.com/gradblu3.htm

  5. Cake Ingredients • Flour – structure • Sugar – sweetness • Eggs – flavor and color • Liquid – moisture and blend ingredients • Salt – flavor • Fat – tenderizes gluten • Leavening agent – make products rise • Flavorings – add flavor and makes cakes special

  6. Characteristics of a Shortened Cake: • Velvety and light • Interior has fine small cells. • Crust are thin and evenly browned. • Top crust is smooth or slightly pebbly and gently rounded • Contain fat (butter, shortening, or oil) • Use leavening agents

  7. Characteristics of foam cakes: • Large in volume • Interior is spongy and porous and thin cell walls • Cake is tender but moist, but not gummy • No fat • No chemical leavening agents

  8. Microwaving Cakes • Shortened cakes come out moist and tasty • Unshortened cakes require longer cooking times and do not microwave well. • Microwaved cakes do not have brown crusts like oven baked cakes do • Microwave cakes one layer at a time using round or ring shaped pans for even cooking

  9. Baking Cakes • Bake cakes in pans that are not too big or too small. If the pan is too small it will overflow and if it is too big it will be flat and dry. The correct size will produce a cake with a rounded top. • Grease and flour pans for shortened cakes • Do not grease pans for unshortened cakes because the batter must cling to the side of the pan.

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