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Droughts and Bushfires! PowerPoint Presentation
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Droughts and Bushfires!

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Droughts and Bushfires!
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Droughts and Bushfires!

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  1. Droughts and Bushfires! By Cassandra, Ruby and Sienna!

  2. Droughts What is a drought?When a drought starts there is no rain for a long period of time. In a drought plants do not grow properly and streams and rivers dry up. After this plants and animals start to die. Because farm crops and animals die due to lack of water, there is less food for people to eat; this can make some foods there costs more. Droughts happen a lot in Australia and when they come we have to be really careful about how much water we use.

  3. Droughts Australia has wet weather and as well as a drought, it will happen using much less rain that falls during an exact time of year. A `drought will last over a week or a month. In Australia droughts are very common because of the irregular and unpredictable weather. In Australia droughts are most likely to happen in the deserts and scrublands. Most of the grassy areas of the Northern Australia will have a really long and dry season every year. Droughts are caused by the sun which is constantly evaporates the water on the ground.

  4. Black Saturday The Black Saturday bushfires were a series of bushfires that started burning across Victoria on Saturday 7 February-14 March 2009.The fire conditions where extreme resulting in Australia's highest ever loss of life from a bushfire. 173 people died as a result of the fires and 414 were injured. As many as 400 individual fires were recorded on 7 February. Following the events of 7 February 2009, that date has since been referred to as Black Saturday.

  5. The Ash Wednesday bushfires were a series of bushfires on 16 February 1983. Within twelve hours, more than 180 fires fanned by winds of up to 110km per hour that occurred in south-eastern Australia. In Victoria, 47 people died, while in South Australia there were 28 deaths. This included 14 CFA and 3CFS volunteer fire fighters who died across both states that day. Ash Wednesday

  6. Bush Fires Bush fires spread all over Australia the worst fire was black Saturday it destroyed 2029 homes and 173 lives with 414 injured .Basically a bushfire is the combustion or burning of bush, forest or woodland area and like droughts bushfires happen a lot in Australia Did you know that bushfires are actually naturally stored solar energy that is out of control? That's because trees convert all that sunlight into oils that get stored in leaves that end up burning like petrol.