digital marketing is a makeover of traditional n.
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Digital Marketing is a Makeover of Traditional Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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Digital Marketing is a Makeover of Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing is a Makeover of Traditional Marketing

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Digital Marketing is a Makeover of Traditional Marketing

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  1. Digital marketing is a Makeover of Traditional Marketing Can anybody tell as to why would a small company want to leave their footprints in the online market? Well, in the world of technology digital marketing and social media have a considerable impact on the social behavior of the consumers and how business is conducted. Hence, it can be stated that any organization or business who hesitates to adapt to the new era of marketing and communication is actually endangering their survival in the market. But, that doesn’t mean the organization will obsolete the traditional methods from their marketing strategies. Both the techniques are important but digital marketing is more advanced and gives quick results than traditional marketing. Below are given the reason why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing and why services should be taken from the digital marketing companies in Kolkata? 1. Level planning field - A business can stand upright in any kind of competition if they have a strong digital marketing strategy. Whereas in the case of traditional marketing small businesses have to struggle to survive and meet up the requirements of the competition. A well thought crisp online website a with smooth customer journey with wonderful service, stands out to be the king irrespective of its size. 2. Reduced cost - The business can develop an online marketing strategy at a very low cost. This has the power to override the costly advertising channels such as television, radios, yellow pages, and magazines.

  2. 3. Simple to measure - Unlike traditional marketing, the businesses can very easily track out the faults in the site that is blocking the revenue generation. Because of quick findings, the rectifications get done in no time which saves huge losses. With help of Google analytics, the businesses can also track the website traffic. 4. Real-time results - Wait time decreases as compared to the traditional one as immediate responses are received instead of waiting for fax or forms to be returned. Everything can be tracked right from the conversion rate to peak trading time just at the touch of the button. 5. Refinement of the strategy - Actually whatever is captured during the customer journey can be reported on and honed for more success which is just a fraction of the traditional marketing strategy. Hence, this helps in generating leads. So the lead generation company in Kolkata uses digital marketing to form their strategies instead of following the traditional method. 6. Brand development - A well-maintained website with quality content helps in increasing the sales and popularity of the brand. 7. Far great exposure - The business gets a greater exposure in the global market and successfully penetrates into it. 8. Viral - With help of social media the businesses can get viral and reach their targeted customers quickly. IT also avoids sending mail shots to customers that irritate the most. Hence, digital marketing gives the businesses greater scope of engagement with their potential customer that finally helps in increasing the revenue of the company.